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How to Throw a Moving Party

Moving Party

Most people do not look at the moving process as being fun. So, if your friends already do not like moving themselves, it is not going to be easy to get them excited about helping you. Moving house is a lot of work. Not to mention, most are probably lucky to get one day off a week, so spending that coveted day doing physical labor does not sound all that exciting. However, if you turn it into a fun party, you may be surprised at how many people you are able to recruit.


Schedule Early

If you wait until the last minute to let everyone know what day you are moving, you cannot expect them to cancel their plans to help. Even if they don’t have plans, you are giving them the easy excuse that they do. You know the schedule of your most friends, so pick a day that works, and let them know a few weeks in advance. Do not forget to send out a reminder email a week before and tell them all the fun you have planned!


Coffee and Energy Food to Start

Breaking out a few cases of beer when everyone arrives to get started is not a good idea. If people start drinking too soon your move will turn into an all-day chore. Not to mention you probably have at least a couple friends who will drink too much too fast and will be of no help. Plus, you do not want everyone so intoxicated that they risk injury or start dropping things.

Have coffee and high energy snacks available to get everyone pumped up and ready to work. The faster the truck gets loaded the sooner you can arrive at the new place and get the real party started.


Time for Cocktails

Do not feel as though you have to get out the alcohol and order pizza the second you arrive. Make sure everyone knows where you want furniture and boxes. While they get started, you can find out what they all want on their pizza. Now they know food is on the way, so they will be even more eager to try and get done before it arrives. Besides, they should still be full of energy from the coffee and protein bars you fueled them with.

When it is close to being time for the pizza to arrive, bring out the beer. If your friends are not beer drinkers, make sure you know what box you put the blender into making refreshing margaritas.


Music is a Necessity

Have you ever noticed that you can run faster and longer without getting tired when you have some good music to listen to? If you are not a runner, maybe you listen to music at the gym. If exercise is not your friend, you can probably at least relate to how much longer a commute feels if you have to drive in silence. You should already have a playlist made of tunes that will wake everyone up. If you happen to have a DJ friend, ask him if he wants to spin for a bit. Just make sure you are not so loud that you make a horrible first impression on your new neighbors.


Have Access to Basic Tools

Many people (especially guys) are famous for being extra crafty or thinking they have super human strength when drinking. Now is the time to hand out a hammer, screwdrivers, and other essential tools for them to assemble the large items you had to disassemble.


Consider a Theme Party

You could designate a theme for the party, such as pirate, patriotic, Hawaiian, etc. Buy a few decorations, have everyone dress up, and make sure you have a camera ready to capture some good photos. Keep it simple! Everyone should still be in very comfortable clothes.



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