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Moving Day Tasks, Tips, and What To Avoid

moving day tasks

Moving day can be stressful and hectic — and that’s putting it mildly. So if you want to reduce your stress and turn a potentially chaotic situation into one you can handle with aplomb, we have one word for you: Checklists.

Checklists are the key to keeping track of your moving day tasks and remaining level-headed on a day that is fraught with tension. Checklists can make all the difference between being a passive bystander as the movers transport your stuff or being an empowered participant who makes sure things run smoothly.

Of course, it goes without saying that your checklist needs to be detailed, thorough, and contain a list of tasks that need to be taken care of on moving day. Not sure what to include?

Here is a thorough checklist for moving day tasks and tips to make the day run smoothly:

  • Final run-through: Check closets, cabinets, and outlets before you go. If you find anything, pack it into an empty box you’ve saved for just this occasion.
  • Your carry-on bag: Make sure you have everything you need in your carry-on bag, including important documents, your contract with the movers, money/credit cards to pay the movers, and any jewelry you didn’t pack.
  • Make sure all boxes are labeled: If you haven’t already labeled your boxes, go through them and add labels where necessary.
  • Utility meters: If you’re moving out of a rented place, take a quick picture of the utility meters so you don’t end up paying for the next tenant’s water or electricity bills.
  • Exchange phone numbers: Make sure the movers have your phone number and get their phone number so you have the option to be in touch if an emergency arises during transport.
  • Confirm the address: of your new home and make sure you’ll have access when you get there.
  • Close the windows and lock the doors.
  • Tip movers after a hard day’s work.

Mistakes to Avoid on the Day of the Move

Sometimes, what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. In the case of moving day, here are a few mistakes you should avoid:

  • Avoid leaving intense packing for last-minute: While it’s normal to find a few items here or there that may have escaped your initial packing, don’t leave serious packing for moving day—it’s a recipe for disaster.
  • Avoid staying up too late the night before: Moving is a big endeavor; getting enough sleep the night before will make you better-equipped to handle it.
  • Avoid being rude to your movers: Offer them water, speak respectfully to them, and remember that they’re human beings who are helping you pull off a major life transition.

Your Pre-Moving Day Checklist

While checklists are a great way to ensure that all your moving day tasks are accomplished, the truth is that you need a pre-moving day checklist in order to ensure that you don’t leave important tasks until the last minute. Pre-moving day tasks include:

  • Researching movers, which ensures you don’t hire people who will break your stuff and also that you hire movers on a budget. Additionally, researching movers can ensure that you’ll get the right movers for long distance moving or local moving — if you’re moving locally, there’s no need to pay for long distance movers, and if you’re moving long distance, you want movers who are experienced and qualified in this area.
  • Creating a PO box to tide you over, if necessary, during your transition.
  • Packing and labeling boxes, which should be done plenty of time in advance so you don’t freak out as moving day approaches.

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