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How to Move Heavy Items

move heavy items

Moving is an extremely daunting task especially when you have to maneuver heavy pieces of furniture you aren’t used to handling. But don’t worry, with a little extra caution and attention, both you and your belongings can arrive at your new home in perfect condition. Here are 5 helpful tips we’ve collected from the best moving companies, on how to move heavy items in your home.

Handle Furniture Like A Professional

If you’re moving a heavy piece of furniture (or box), keep your body pressed against it. This reduces the strain on your arms and makes it easier to balance. It also helps you maintain a firm grip, so you’re less likely to drop what you’re carrying.

Make A Clear Path

There’s nothing more dangerous than having to kick stuff out of the way while balancing a box or half of the couch, so plan your route out and clear a path before you start moving anything. If your route passes through any doorways, it’s important to measure them beforehand to make sure what you’re carrying will fit through.

Lift With Your Legs

If you lift with your back you won’t get much leverage, and you may even injure yourself. Lifting with your legs protects your back and gives you better leverage to sling those boxes around.

Utilize Moving Equipment

As with any job, having the right equipment makes can make the world of difference. When you are moving heavy items it is much easier and much safer when to know what tools you can use. Using dollies and carts to push heavy furniture around is much easier than carrying it, even over relatively short distances. You can also use moving straps and furniture stakes to help you maneuver heavy objects onto a cart. Slipping the moving strap underneath a heavy object allows you to apply lifting force from the bottom of the object, or exert a tipping force to rotate the object.

Consider Enlisting Professional Help

Don’t sacrifice professional help to keep moving costs low. Moving companies have the experience and the right equipment to move even your heaviest belongings safely and easily. The cost of their moving services is a small price to pay for your comfort and safety.

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