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Kid Friendly Neighborhoods in Burlington, VT

Neighborhoods in Burlington

Moving to a new city with kids is no walk in the park. There’s registering them for a new school, setting up their bedroom just so, helping them adjust to new places and activities — but all of this can be made a little easier by choosing a neighborhood well suited to families. If you’re headed to the Green Mountain State, we’ve got your list of the best neighborhoods for families in Burlington. This little city has charm and culture, so here are the neighborhoods where you might consider finding your new home!

With the greenest space and parks of any neighborhood in Burlington, VT, this part of town is packed with homes mostly built in the 40’s and 50’s. Each street has a true neighborhood feel without being too far from Downtown Burlington, and families have easy access to the bike path, grocery stores, dog park, and the Intervale and Winooski River to the east. Homes in the New North End go for an average of around $260,000, and local schools score well. The one drawback: if you’re a commuter, the traffic on North Avenue can get a bit congested as its a one way in, one way out road to access the area. That can mean a long commute to I-89 if that’s a part of your drive.

South End

A more urban location that maintains some of the suburban benefits, you’ll find quiet streets and single-family homes with garages, yards, and easy access to I-89. The price tag is a little steeper for homes built around the turn of the 20th century (average near $350,000), where the vintage feel is attractive to home buyers looking to invest. Real estate agents say this is the spot to buy now because the market is on its way up! The proximity of the southern side of the neighborhood to the Pine Street arts district also draws a certain crowd that values access to culture, and ArtsRiot restaurant and performance venue calls this neighborhood home. Champlain Elementary School is in this neighborhood, and though older children do have to bus to Burlington High School, it’s not really that far.

The Hill

As you might expect, this is where families moving with kids go if they need and can afford a larger, four-bedroom home. The large houses atop the hill have a view of Lake Champlain and tend to be surrounded by big yards with old, beautiful trees. If you’re hoping to do a lot of bike commuting, your legs and lungs better be up for the challenge because the Hill is truly a hill. This neighborhood is proximal to the University of Vermont’s theater and fields, giving great access to all UVM has to offer. With its quiet streets and high level of safety, this is definitely one of the best neighborhoods to raise kids in Burlington — if you can afford it. Expect prices upwards of $350,000 across the board, with some homes ranging to $600k and up. The Hill has Edmunds elementary and middle schools, as well as the Mater Christi private Catholic school.


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