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How to Move a Safe by Yourself

Move a Safe

When you purchase a safe, you intend for it to stay put and prevent theft. So when it’s time to move to a new home, that heavy chunk of metal presents a challenge! How do you move a heavy safe by yourself to your new home? We’ve lined out the step-by-step for how to move a safe to make sure you can do it safely and efficiently. Hint: you need a few friends.

Before starting…

There are a few safety concerns to address before you start the heavy lifting. Begin by:

  • Get the weight and dimensions of the safe to help determine what kind of safety equipment (and how many helpers!) you will need for the move
  • Purchase or rent the equipment you’ll need, such as a heavy-duty appliance dolly or hand truck, moving straps, and thick, durable moving blankets if you will need to slide the safe at all
  • Are you appropriately dressed? Loose clothing or long jewelry can easily get caught on things and create dangerous situations. Wear closed-toe shoes such as solid boots and work gloves with a good grip to prevent pinching your skin
  • Make sure you have capable helpers, at least three or four of them, to support you. Don’t attempt to move a safe by yourself! There is too much risk of injury or property damage if something goes wrong
  • Examine the exit route where you will be transporting the safe. Check for any potential snags, things you might trip on or bump into, and create a strategy for a smooth and direct exit

When it’s time to move…

Secure the safe. Align your moving dolly or hand truck next to the safe, and tilt the safe to one side to use a dolly to slide underneath. Then set the safe on the dolly and use the straps to secure it in place, ensuring that the weight is evenly balanced to avoid tipping.

Navigating stairs. How to move a 1,000-pound safe downstairs? Now that’s quite a feat. Moving heavy items down a flight of stairs requires immense precision and strategic planning. If you need to move a heavy safe upstairs, you’ll need 2-3 friends on the downslope side to lift the well-wrapped and secured safe up one step at a time while the upslope team guides. If you need to move something heavy like a gun safe downstairs, beware momentum: it is not your friend. Have three people on the downslope side to ease the safe down one step at a time, and secure the safe in such a fashion that the upslope people have something to hold on to. Whether you need to go up or down, every movement should be slow!

If you’re moving by yourself, you may still be wondering: but is it possible to move a heavy safe by myself? The answer: unless you have superhero strength, probably not. The best way to move a safe is with a team of supporters to make sure it goes smoothly!

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