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Surprising Packing Materials

Surprising Packing Materials

Moving is stressful; plain and simple. Not only is the physical part of moving a pain, there are the added expense and additional things you need to take care of before the big day. Well, it does not have to be as overwhelming as some people make it out to be. NYC movers can be used to make the physical part easier and creating a timeline will help keep you on track with responsibilities so you don’t learn everything until the list minute. As for saving money, there are small tricks you can do, like getting creative with packing materials. Why pay for air-filled bags or bubble wrap when you have plenty of things around the house that you can use to keep your belongings safe in their boxes? Here are some surprising packing materials:


Don’t even think about stuffing all of your towels in a box; these are valuable packing materials. Towels can be used to wrap everything from stemware to pictures to pieces of art. Keep out a couple so you have the handy to take a shower and use the rest for breakable items.


Why use store bought materials to keep items from bouncing around a box? Use your bed and decorative pillows. This will ensure that items don’t rattle around when the moving truck hits all those pot holes.

Linen Blankets

Sheets and blankets should be used to wrap electronics. You can always wrap packing tape around them too. These can also be used like pillows to secure breakables in boxes. Don’t forget about shower curtains and small throw rugs too.


Do you have a box of sponges under the sink? They can go in glasses and vases. If you don’t mind cutting them, these are perfect for champagne flutes and wine glasses as well.

Pantry Items

Do you have bags of beans, popcorn, peanuts or rice in your pantry? These make exciting space fillers as well. You probably won’t need them the first day you are in the house anyway, so why not use them? This goes for extra packs of paper towels, napkins, and even toilet paper.

Ziploc Bags

This can be used two different ways. First, Ziploc bags are ideal for keeping things contained rather than throwing them all in a box. Think silverware, makeup, hair brushes, etc. Alternatively, they can be used to hold air, and then stuffed in between items in boxes.


Rather than packing sweats and sweatshirts in boxes that your NYC movers will need to carry anyway, use them in between breakable items, or to roll around vases or pieces of art.

Stuffed Animals

Do you have kids or pets? If so, then you likely have an abundance of stuffed animals lying around. These don’t belong packed in a box; they should be used to help keep valuables in place in boxes.

Winter Wear

Although clothing was already mentioned, accessories such as scarves, beanie hats, and mittens are ideal for using in replace of packing materials as well.

Paper bags

If you have some paper shopping bags lying around, go ahead and cut it in four and crumple it up as filler. Just make sure to recycle it after you move!

These are just some of the packing materials you can find at home, save money and room in your next move. For more, check out our home made packing materials guide.

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