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Furnished Apartments: What Amenities Should You Expect?

Furnished Apartments: What Amenities Should You Expect?

When looking for furnished apartments in this day and age, there are certain amenities and features that you will want to be sure are included. Of course, something like utilities may or may not be included, but there are quite a few things that you should reasonably expect to have.

Make sure you have these things:



  • High-speed internet
  • Basic (at least) cable TV
  • Customer care (perhaps in the form of cleaning)



Of course, there are features and amenities that could be provided, such as a gym, but this list includes things that you should expect and not compromise on. They are the essentials that you are entitled to.

  • Fresh towels/linens
  • Kitchen appliances (all the major ones) and utensils
  • Serving pieces (bowls, pitchers, plates, etc.)
  • Cooking tools (pots, cutting boards, etc.)
  • Spares (extra light bulbs)
  • Cleaning tools (vacuum, mop, plunger, etc.)


There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy said it the best as she clicked her little red shoes together and repeated, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” We’ve all heard it before, and we know exactly what Dorothy is talking about.

If you’re looking for a completely furnished rental with a bed that’s the center of attention, be sure to find a place that is your home – not just a room.

Any furnished apartment service is obligated to provide such things.

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