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How to Make a Small Move in New York with Expert Movers

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A move is a move… Right? Well, when it comes to practicalities, that’s sort of true. Sure, you have to pick things up, transport them to a destination, then leave them there. But not all moves are created equal.

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Moving a 2 bedroom condo is a lot different from moving a 5 bedroom villa. Moving between inner-city apartments is not the same as moving two countryside residences. Ultimately, each move is unique and has different requirements to get the job done.

What is a small move?

As much as we’d love to be able to give you a big, insightful description, the answer is simple. A small move is exactly as it sounds: a move of very few items. Each moving company has its own definition of a small move, of course, but typically this is a move that requires only a couple or few hours and a small truck or van for transport. A studio or one-bedroom may qualify, but so might a three-bedroom apartment if you’re a bit of a minimalist. 

Many movers consider any move under 2,000lbs to be a small move. If you’re unsure, just ask.

When might you need one?

If you’re moving a futon, tv, and a couple of boxes of clothes, it’s probably obvious that you’re looking to accomplish a small move. But what are some other instances when you might need one?

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Some popular times for a small move include:

  • Moving in or out of a college dorm room
  • Relocating a studio or one-bedroom apartment
  • Moving (very) locally – like down the street or within the same neighborhood
  • Things that won’t fit in your car or pickup truck when you make a DIY move
  • Getting help with moving specialty, large, or antique items including large pieces of artwork
  • Moving electronics such as televisions and entertainment systems to a new location
  • Picking up second-hand furniture
  • Shifting things to or from storage
  • Helping your parents into an assisted living facility

Things to consider

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Before you start making arrangements for your move, there are a few important things to consider. Depending on these circumstances, you may need a small move.

  • What items are you moving – if you’ve opted for a DIY move, perhaps you’d like the professionals to help with the delicate or bulky items. Sure, you can accomplish a lot with the help of friends and a pickup truck, but leave it to the pros to move your boxes of fine china or large artwork.
  • Your schedule – Are you going at your own pace, or is your time limited? If you need to complete your move by a certain day or time, consider bringing in professionals for some or all of the work.
  • Storage – Are you going to spend time renovating or decorating your new place? If so, it may make sense to move some of your things into storage. Rather than battling with clutter and constantly chasing space, arrange a small move and get some stuff out of your way.
  • The limits of your time, energy, and patience – Sure, you might be able to take all of your things in a car or truck. It may take you quite a few trips, but you could get there. You may even be able to use a lot of rope and secure your sectional for transport. But, do you want to? Consider whether you want to invest the time and energy to handle it yourself. You may be better off with a professional small move.

A small move in New York just takes a little planning. Try to schedule your move outside of peak traffic hours, if you can. Alert your building manager and see if you can have access to the freight elevator. Overall, don’t try shuffling boxes on the subway. You’ll be grateful you got the pros in to get it all taken care of quickly.

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