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3 Tips for Making a Small Move in New York with Expert Movers

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No matter how few items you have, expert movers are there to help with your small move in New York. Here are 3 tips to help you plan.

Perhaps you only have a few items to move out of a dorm for the summer, or you just need a little help getting furniture and heavy items out of your apartment. When you need to move only a few items, it can seem like overkill to bring a moving company with a big truck, which is why small-scale movers are a useful option to consider. 

1. What is a small move?

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While it’s common to hire movers for residential moves, sometimes you just need help with a smaller load. Small moving services are available for exactly that purpose. The movers will show up to help you with appliances, furniture, or a small number of boxes. A few scenarios when you might need a small move in New York are:

  • Moving into or out of a dorm or student housing, or a small studio.
  • You need some extra space, so you want to move some items into storage.
  • You’ve purchased second-hand furniture from someone, and need it moved from their place to yours.
  • When moving into a new place, you’re able to take care of the smaller things but still need some help getting furniture, appliances, or other bulky items moved.

2. Small-scale moving services

Small-scale moving companies offer many services similar to residential movers. You can have the mover simply come, pick up your things, and transport them to your new place. Or in some cases, you may want a bit more help than that.

When hiring expert movers, you can talk to them about full-service options. In this case, the movers will arrive to your home and pack your things for you. They will bring all of the packing materials, saving you the hassle of hunting for moving boxes around town. After moving your boxes to your new place, they can unpack for you and take the boxes with them.

Movers are experienced in packing fragile or valuable items for safe transport. They will protect your large items such as furniture or a piano to ensure that they’re kept safe every step of the way. If you’re moving into a storage unit, they can also pack and arrange your items so that they’re secure and accessible.

3. How do small load movers calculate costs?

Small-scale local movers assess your move similarly to those moving entire houses. First, they’ll want to know what you’re moving. Whether it’s a few boxes or large pieces of furniture, this will determine what they need in order to help you. 

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Some movers charge by the weight of the items. All moving companies will take into consideration how many people they need to send, and how far they need to travel. Taking all of these factors into account, they’ll apply their hourly moving rate per person. Services such as packing, disassembling furniture, and unpacking will affect the overall cost. Make sure you read your quote thoroughly before hiring a mover, so you understand what’s included in the price and aren’t met with any surprises in the end.

Whether you’re moving some things into storage, or need a little help getting some big items out of your third-floor walk-up, small-scale movers can help. When it’s time to hire a trusted mover, Unpakt can help you find the right one for the job.

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