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6 Awesome Los Angeles Flea Markets

Los Angeles Flea Markets

Thanks to television and movies, many people assume that you need to have a six-figure salary to shop in Los Angeles. This could not possibly be further from the truth. Sure, there are plenty of malls that will make your jaw drop, as well as streets lined with trendy boutiques, but these aren’t the only shopping opportunities available. If you ask your Los Angeles movers, there is a good chance that they will tell you that this city has some of the best flea markets around.

1. Melrose Trading Post

It does not matter if you consider your style to be a hipster, vintage or trendy, you will find clothes and accessories here that will complement your wardrobe perfectly. There is a lot of stuff that is overpriced to be at a flea market, but if you look hard enough, you will find some pretty amazing deals. There are also a lot of handmade items here, which are always worth spending a little extra on.

2. Pasadena City College

This flea market is one of the largest in the state, and it only takes place on the first Sunday of every month. More than 500 vendors pack this location selling everything from rummage sale items to high-end antiques. Pasadena City College is mostly known for its selection of music as more than 70 record vendors pretty much take over the parking structure’s third floor. Get here early; there is a lot to see, and it is only open from 8 am to 3 pm.

3. Rose Bowl Flea Market

If you think you may have heard of this one, you probably have. This world-famous flea market welcomes 2,500 vendors and as many as 20,000 buyers every month. It has been around for 40 years and attracted visitors from all over. Just think, when you live in L.A., you can visit it whenever you want. There is even a ton of food vendors here to keep you energized for a day of shopping.

4. The Santee Alley

If you are looking for really cheap knock-off sunglasses, handbags, shoes, etc., this is the place to go. Vendors line this alley, and most are more than happy to make a deal if you offer a reasonable one. Don’t expect a clean and elegant environment, because you won’t find it here. Parking is a drag, and it is dusty, but you won’t find deals like this anywhere else. There are even ATM machines, just in case you run out of money. Yeah, you need cash here; no plastic or checks are accepted.

5. Venice Antiques and Collectables Flea Market

Although this is a smaller flea market, you can find some amazing deals here. Be warned, you may have to dig through a lot of junk, but when you find that $3 purse that looks brand new, it makes the day worthwhile. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, this is the flea market for you.

6. Casa Victoria Furniture

If you ask your Los Angeles movers where to go to get some furniture for your new place, they may point you in the direction of this place. Some call it a flea market, others label it as a thrift store, but the bottom line is that they have some amazing furniture and home décor pieces, especially lamps. There are endless lamps here that range from contemporary to funky to antique, so if you need lighting for your new place, you’ll find it here.

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