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How To - Before Moving

Before the Move Timeline

Before the Move

Moving can be stressful, but if you plan ahead, and create a timeline before the move, everything will sort of fall into place. Many people stress about making sure they book their NYC movers, but there is a lot more to do before this point if you want the slightest chance at the move going smoothly.

Most people know they will be moving eight weeks prior. You may not have an apartment found yet, but you know your lease is ending, so you may as well start preparing. If your move is a little more sudden, you will need to tweak this timeline a little.

Eight Weeks Prior

  • If available, get a floor plan of your new home or take measurements, so you know that your current furniture will fit.
  • Purchase a notebook to keep reminders, to-do lists and other notes regarding your move in, so they are all in one place, and easy to find.
  • Take inventory of your valuables and determine if you will need to purchase additional insurance.
  • Start exploring storage facilities, if you will need one.
  • Make a list of packing supplies you will need.
  • Find out what you need to do to transfer school records for your children.

Before the Move

Six Weeks Prior

  • Explore medical, dental and veterinary options in the new area. You may want to ask your current professionals for a referral if they have one.
  • Clean out closets, and then clean them again. If you have not worn something in a year, you probably never will. Now is the time to have a yard sale and make some extra money for the move, or you can donate it all.
  • Make sure pets are current on vaccinations.
  • Choose a school for children, if not already done.
  • Start packing little things that you don’t need. Doing a little daily is a lot easier than tackling it all at the end.

Before the Move

Four Weeks Prior

  • Contact utility companies and schedule turn on and shut off dates. You may need to explore new cable, the internet, and home phone providers.
  • Determine how big of a truck you need and schedule your movers.
  • Dismantle children’s play areas and large toys.
  • Start putting together a few moving boxes of things you know you will need. This is especially important if you have children or pets and are making a long distance move. Games, coloring books, clothes, pet food, treats, etc., all need to be in here.
  • Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Fill out a change of address and begin notifying everyone.

Two Weeks Prior

  • Get your car fully serviced for a long move.
  • Call your insurance company and make sure you are fully covered for the move.
  • Transfer prescriptions to your new city. Make sure you have enough to last you through the move.
  • Dispose of hazardous household chemicals properly, such as oil, paint, and solvents.
  • Stop buying frozen goods.
  • By now you should have most everything packed in the garage.

One Week Prior

  • Close safety deposit boxes and transfer bank accounts, if applicable.
  • Pack an overnight suitcase for everyone.
  • If you don’t already have boxes done with essentials, now is the time to make sure you have toilet paper, paper plates, plastic cups, toiletries, etc., all in one box so you know where to find them until you are unpacked.
  • Call your movers and confirm.
  • Finish up the rest of the packing.

Day of the Move

Be as prepared as you possibly can be when your NYC movers arrive. The less they have to do, the less time it will take, which amounts to savings for you. If you can avoid having kids and pets there during the move, this is ideal. Not only will they get in the way, but they are also often upset by the disruption. This is especially true if you have pets that notice if something is misplaced in a room. They will not take kindly to seeing everything moved around and out.

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