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From Seat to the Trunk: What to Put Where In Your Car

How to pack your car

It does not matter if you are moving cross country or from one side of the city to the other, you want to make the most of every inch of your vehicle. You could be tempted to simply let your movers handle everything but even the best moving companies deal with accidents and theft from time-to-time, so there are some things that should be kept with you. Plus, if you are moving across the country, you will need certain essentials with you just in case the movers are late to arrive at your new destination.

One thing that must be noted is that you want to avoid using large boxes for anything that will go in your vehicle. Therefore, if you can plan ahead and have a good idea of what you are taking in your vehicle you can pack appropriately. Chances are good that you have gym bags, backpacks, reusable shopping bags and laundry bags lying around. These are ideal because they can be squeezed into awkward spaces.

Front Seats

Assuming you are driving alone, the front passenger seat will likely be filled with anything you might need access to at some point. This could be a bag of toiletries, a cooler with food, purse, laptop, maps and guides, hotel address with phone number and confirmation number and emergency kit.

Make sure that you make use of the floor too. Plants or your herb garden can go down there, providing you don’t blow heat or air conditioning on them with the floor vents. Otherwise, you can stuff quite a few bags down there. If you have a small safe or lockbox that you are transporting, put this on the floor with the bags on top. This way, even if you stop at the gas station, there are no tempting items in sight.


Everyone is going to have a unique purpose for the backseat. If you have pets, then the backseat is likely being used exclusively for them, but that does not mean you can’t stuff items on the floor. Make sure you have access to water bowls and pet food, if this is the case.

Otherwise, the backseat is perfect for your clothes. First, you can lie blankets down, which will eliminate the need for packing them. Then, you can keep all your clothes and coats on hangers and lay them across your backseat. Use any extra space for pillows and other small bags; just make sure your view is not obstructed.


You can use small boxes in the trunk, but do make sure you make use of leftover space. Fill reusable shopping bags with socks, hair accessories, gloves and winter hats, etc., and stuff them in all the nooks and crannies. If you have collectables or antiques, they should be in your vehicle, not the moving truck. Just because you hire one of the best moving companies with a squeaky clean track record does not mean that you are guaranteed to not have a problem. Anything of monetary or sentimental value should be kept with you if possible. DVDs, CDs and video games can go in the trunk as well, unless it is scorching hot or freezing cold, then these items should go in the backseat or the floor of the front seat where the temperature is regulated.


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