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Best Methods for Packing Clothes

Packing clothes

You might read that title and have a little laugh. Why would anyone need tips for packing clothes? Well, if you plan on simply transferring your clothes into boxes, when you are packing for a move, then you do need advice! Whether you have a small closet and dresser or if you have several people in your home with extensive wardrobes there are better ways to pack all these garments.


Use it for Moving Supplies

Before you create another item that will need to be carried by your movers, you should pull out everything you can use for moving supplies. You are probably already planning on using towels, but have you considered that t-shirts, tanks, soft sweatshirts, and socks can all be put to use, as well? Tees and tanks are perfect to use for wrapping fragile items. Sweatshirts and sweaters can be placed in the bottom of boxes full of fragile items to create a layer of cushioning. Socks can be used to wrap stemware, as well as light bulbs you take out of your lamps. Plus, they are ideal to stuff in boxes instead of packing peanuts, as they will stop breakables from bouncing around in a box.


Leave Clothes on Hangers

Unless you are making a cross-country move and your family or pets will be occupying your backseat you can use this prime space for your closet items. Place a blanket on the seat, and lay your clothes flat. It is a good idea to use rubber bands to create bunches of hangers; this makes them easier to carry. You can even cover each bunch with a garbage bag for protection, or lay the bunches in a sheet, tie the ends, and toss it over your shoulder, like a dead body. Not that you have ever carried a dead body in a sheet, but surely have seen it done in the movies!


Think Outside the Box

Most people underestimate how many boxes for packing they actually need. Just wait until you see how many boxes it takes to pack your bathroom. You will be amazed at how much stuff is crammed in a tiny room. Save your boxes and use other things round the house. Your clothes hamper, gym bags, and luggage are all perfect, too. Do be sure to save that suitcase with the wheels for heavy electronics, shoes, books, etc.


Plastic Wrap

A lot of items can stay right in the drawers, especially clothes in dressers for babies and toddlers. Just use the Press ‘n Seal plastic wrap to create a seal around each drawer. Obviously, if you have hired movers, you may want to pack personal items, but those drawers full of running or yoga clothes can be left alone.


Vacuum Seal Bags

If you have never used vacuum seal bags, prepare to be amazed when you see how small a large box full of clothes can be shrunk down. This is perfect for seasonal clothes, spring and winter jackets, etc. If you must use boxes, you might as well squeeze as much as you can inside. You simply fill these bags and use the hose on your vacuum to suction out all the air.



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