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8 Best NY Teahouses

Best NY Teahouses

Not so many years ago, everywhere you looked in New York City, there was a new café popping up. How much coffee does one city need? Interestingly, though, they all manage to stay busy. Well, times sure have changed! As the population in general shifts to a healthier lifestyle, with better food choices, yoga, and meditation, teas have become the rage. Unless you actually visit a teahouse, you can’t truly appreciate how extensive the collection is from flowering varieties to free trade options. If you are calling NYC movers to relocate to the area, get very excited; you are about to enter the world of teahouses!

1. Cha-an

One of the main reasons people head over to the East Village is to visit this teahouse. It offers a cozy atmosphere, and scones are literally made to order! Check your diet at the door; you can’t come here and only drink tea when someone at the next table over is eating Black Sesame Crème Brule.

2. Sir D’s Lounge

The minute you walk in the door, you will understand why this place is called a lounge. It is filled with comfortable sofas and chairs to relax in. Of course, there are tables and chairs too where you can set up your laptop and make use of their Wi-Fi. They have a nice variety of teas, including herbal and organic. Their fruit blends are pretty delicious as well!

3. Bosie Tea Parlor

This Queens tea parlor is primarily known for their macaroons. Plan on eating at least one and ordering some to take home. They offer teas from estates that practice eco-sustainable and organic farming methods and honor fair labor standards.

4. Ten Ren Tea Time

The selection of teahouses in Chinatown isn’t slim pickings. But they have milk tea that they use real leaves to create. They have just about every flavor you could want, including flowering varieties, and everything is for sale to also take home with you.

5. Radiance Tea House and Books

This venue is decorated just like a Chinese teahouse. There are tables in most of it, but one corner is full of books to enjoy. They have separate menus for hot, cold, herbal and radiance wellness teas. You may also want to order an Afternoon Tea Package to sample both savory and sweet foods to complement your tea.

6. Alice’s Tea Cup

If you are a vegan, you will want to flock to the Upper West Side for tea because Alice’s Tea Cup has vegan goodies like berry scones! They have a little over 100 types of tea to choose from. Be warned, though, this teahouse is often packed, especially on weekends.

7. One Girl Cookies

This is a hidden gem in Brooklyn. While they have an extensive list of teas, it is their cookies that are the main attraction. Their Spiky Red Velvet Cake is a must-try too, with super thick and sugary frosting!

8. Lady Mendi’s Tea Salon

The fact that this tea room is in Gramercy should tell you it is upscale and more expensive than some other selections, but so well worth it. The new trend is having a birthday or anniversary tea party, and this is the preferred place to go for a stylish event.

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