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12 Free Things to Do in Manhattan

Free Things to Do in Manhattan

If you are like many others, you are excited to move to New York, until you call to confirm your NYC movers. Sure, you are still excited, but now the panic is setting in. Can you really afford this? Your new job pays enough for your bills, but will you ever be able to ever do anything fun? After all, Manhattan is labeled as the most expensive borough. Well, believe it or not, there are countless things to do for free here, you just need to know where to find them.


  1. Central Park

    How can hanging out at Central Park not be at the top of the list? This is one of the most well-known and magical parks in the country. There are always free concerts and events going on or you can have a picnic. Of course, most people like to just pull up a bench and do a little people watching. It’s a great show!


  1. Federal Reserve

    Although you have to typically reserve about a week ahead of time, touring the Federal Reserve Bank is free! It is exciting just knowing 80 feet below the ground is 10,000 tons of gold stashed away.


  1. Governor’s Island

    This is a hidden gem in Lower Manhattan. You get to Governor’s Island on a free ferry. This 1.72-acre island has a ghost town, military sites, picnic area and a nice walking path.


  1. New York Public Library

    This is one of the most famous libraries in the state. Marble lions welcome you at the steps, and it is just a delight to walk through, whether you enjoy reading or not. If you do want to grab a book, pull up a chair in the reading room; it seats 500!


  1. South Street Seaport Museum

    You can explore this fantastic museum for free on the third Friday each and every month.


  1. Go Kayaking

    Most people don’t associate NYC with kayaking, but The Downtown Boathouse offers free kayaking on the Hudson River or in the harbor on certain weekends and evenings out of the month.


  1. Times Square

    You have probably seen the Times Square Subway Station in dozens of movies and TV shows, but it is nothing like experiencing it in real life. Just pull up a seat on a bench or stand by the wall, out-of-the-way, and feel the electricity in the air as the space comes to life.


  1. Join a Flash Mob

    There are several organized flash mobs in Manhattan. Anyone is willing to join in. Have fun learning the routines and then be in scheduled locations when the mob gets a green light to go.


  1. Staten Island Ferry

    This truly never gets old. The Staten Island Ferry takes you over to the Statue of Library. Although you have to pay to tour this landmark, you can take the ferry for free and just walk around the space on a nice day.


  1. Church

    You do not have to be religious or even go to church to pop into some of these breathtaking buildings any time of the day. You will find they are typically full of tourists snapping pictures at the intricate beauty that surrounds you the minute you walk in the door. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a popular pick.


  1. Bryant Park

    What used to be a haven for drug dealers is now one of the trendiest places in the borough and home to Fashion Week. This 15-acre plot is beautiful to just walk around.


  1. Julliard

    During the school year, Julliard offers free concerts pretty much every day. They have an online calendar or you can just stop by the school to see what is coming up.

If you are looking for more free things to do in Manhattan, ask your NYC movers; they should be able to give you some ideas. Pretty much any locals will know all the free hotspots. Just ask nice and they are sure to fill you in. New Yorkers are actually a lot nicer than what many movies will have you believe!



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