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Moving Advice You Can Learn from Nesting Dolls

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Surely Vasily Zvyozdochkin had no idea what an impact nesting dolls would make when he carved the first one in 1890. If he did, he probably would have charged a whole lot more for his work. So, you are probably wondering what in the world these dolls have to do with you actually getting all your packing done before your small apartment movers arrive in a few days, right? Well, although just simple dolls, they offer a valuable lesson, when it comes to packing.


What are Nesting Dolls?

In case you have been living under a rock, or you are too young to be familiar with a doll that doesn’t cry, speak, wet diapers or do a multitude of other interactive things, you will want to know what nesting dolls actually are.

They are basically a set of dolls that decrease in size, so one can be placed inside the other. This means that when you open your Christmas present and it looks like you received one doll, there could be as many as nine stacked politely inside. Paint and a very fine paintbrush are used to create much of artistry, and they typically have a theme, such as politicians, fairy tales, and peasant girls.


Learn from the Dolls

So, the design or theme of the dolls is insignificant. What you should be learning from them is to put things inside of other things when you are packing. Not only does this save space in boxes, it will ultimately save you money.

When you use fewer boxes to pack your belongings, your movers have fewer trips to make loading and unloading. This allows the move to be done faster and that equals savings for you since there is a good chance that you are paying by the hour. Why place a bunch of bulky items in boxes when you can stuff something inside?



  • Tupperware and Bowls – While you will obviously stack a lot of Tupperware, bowls, etc., inside one another, the top one can always hold some items. Plus, you likely have a few odd-shaped things that don’t stack. Go ahead and fill these items with anything small like silverware, candles, stuff from your junk drawer, coasters, etc.
  • Hampers – Hopefully, you wash the rest of your laundry the night before, so you can make use of your hamper. Blankets, linens, and towels will stack nicely in it.
  • Trash Bins – You likely have a trash bin in every room. As long as they are clean, you can make use of these. They can hold cleaning supplies, shoes, dog leashes and toys.
  • Purses and Bags – You may want to use some of your gym bags to hold toiletries, clothes and other small items, but if you have quite a few bags and a lot of purses, place the smaller ones inside of the large ones and consolidate them down to as few as possible.
  • Baskets and Crates – Do you have decorative wicker baskets laying around, or old plastic or wood crates? A lot of these items can be consolidated to take up less space. Of course, make use of the top one to hold movies, video games, remote controls or knickknacks.

If you are in a hurry, it can be tempting to just start tossing everything in boxes. However, if you make use of every bit of available space to its full potential, it could save you a significant amount of money when your small apartment movers are writing up your bill.



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