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5 Steps to Guaranteed Moving Prices on Unpakt

Guaranteed Moving Prices on Unpakt

Moving can be stressful even for the most organized of people. Once you’ve made the decision to hire a professional moving company the process of getting prices can be both time consuming and downright confusing. 

Unpakt took this process and streamlined it giving clients the ability to input all of the necessary information about their move, compile an accurate inventory, and receive guaranteed prices for your upcoming move. We made this guide to take you to step by step through the process of receiving a quote through Unpakt and highlight just how easy it is. 

Step 1: Getting to the Home Page

The first screen you see on Unpakt is simply inputting the addresses you’re moving from and to, your move date as well as the approximate size of the move (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, etc.) 

There are even options to add extra stops during pick up and drop off. You can also add storage for more unique moving situations. 

Step 2: Creating Your Very Own Inventory

If you haven’t already put together an inventory of the items you’ll be moving, now is your chance! This is a crucial step in any move and will be extremely helpful when getting a quote from Unpakt — or any moving company. 

Select from a number of different furniture items and boxes organized by room. Need help figuring out how many boxes you might need? Take a look at our Box Guide. If you don’t find an item that matches what you’re moving, adding a custom item is as simple as putting in a few dimensions and adding the item to your inventory. 

Step 3: Verifying Moving Details

Almost done! Here is where you input smaller (yet very important details) like verify addresses, input whether there are elevators or stairs in each location, whether either location requires a Certificate of Insurance and if there are any time restrictions regarding elevator reservations, etc. 

Step 4: Compare Prices!

With Unpakt, transparency is the name of the game! We provide you with a variety of local, reputable moving companies. We’ll tell you a little bit about their operation (years in business, number of employees, etc.) as well as a guaranteed price. 

There’s also an option on the left to add professional packing/unpacking to your move. You can also order boxes and adjust the move arrival time. 

Reserving your move is as easy as clicking the “Reserve” button. Just select the company of your choosing after doing some research!

Step 5: Reserve Now, Pay Later

The final step is to simply input your credit card information to reserve your move date. This is especially important if you’re planning on moving at the end of the month. The demand for movers tends to be higher. You aren’t billed until 2-business days before your move and can cancel beforehand absolutely free!

If you cancel on or after your bill-date, a 10% cancellation fee applies.

Head to Unpakt Today!

Moving has never been made this easy. At Unpakt, we aim to take the stigma of dishonest moving companies out of the industry. 

Go to today and begin pricing out your upcoming move!

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