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The Top 6 Employers in Tulsa, OK

employers in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once known as the oil capital of the world. In the days since it lost that title, it’s developed into a beloved metropolitan area seated at the junction of the South, Southwest, and Midwest regions of America. If you’re moving to “T-Town” and on the hunt for a job, you’ll be pleased to know that this little-big city has attracted some top-notch employers. Here are the top employers in Tulsa where you should be sending your resume, post-haste.

  1. Hilti North America

    This tech-focused company specializes in industrial manufacturing. Their Tulsa branch employs over 1,000 people. This company is focused on innovation, making it a great environment for a go-getter who wants to dive in and learn quickly. Sales, design, you name it! They have a variety of positions and are almost always hiring. Some positions do require a fair amount of travel, and the environment — although it is supportive — can be demanding of your highest potential performance. Be ready to innovate and be rewarded for work well done at one of the best tech companies in Tulsa.

  1. The University of Tulsa

    Working in private higher education is often a good way to secure stable, fascinating, and community-focused work in a town. The U of T is no exception. Whether you’re an educator or someone who might work in one of the many support roles that help keep the campus running (Finance! Business! Counselors! IT!), where there is a University there is good employment. Don’t expect the pay to be astronomical, but with access to all the campus has to offer, you may find the other benefits make it worth it. Use the athletic facilities, library, or even audit a few classes!

  1. Consumer Affairs – Tulsa

    Another larger company with a Tulsa branch, Consumer Affairs is a consumer news and advocacy organization that gathers information about product performance and recalls. They also publish thousands of consumer reviews, offering a subscription service to gain access to information and comparisons for just about every consumer item you can imagine. Employees say they love the unique company culture, where the motto “work hard, play hard” definitely holds. Be ready to push for innovation, sales, and creative problem solving — and have fun with the team while you’re doing it.

  1. American Airlines Maintenance Base

    Love planes? You can be around them every day at the AA Maintenance Base. Though the airline is based in Texas, their planes come to Tulsa to be serviced and the company needs people to serve in all sorts of support roles. The benefits are pretty excellent too if you like to travel! The company culture is supportive and comes with the perks of a large company where employees can get training and opportunity for advancement if that’s the path they choose. Ready for your wings? AA is one of the biggest employers in Tulsa.

  1. Banking Industry: First Fidelity, First United, Regent Bank, Allegiance Credit Union

    Large and small, these banks were recognized by the Oklahoma Journal Record as being excellent places to work. Granted, they look for a particular love of crunching numbers — but if that’s your expertise? They come highly recommended by their employees. Expect a calm working environment, friendly people, and to be treated well!

  1. Diagnostics Laboratory of Oklahoma

    Phlebotomists, secretaries, medical techs, gather ‘round. DLO is a locally-focused medical testing processing company serving more than 75 hospitals across the state as well as walk-in patients. It has been named one of the top employers in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 12 years running — so if you’re interested in a fast-paced environment (tests need to get processed!), a great work culture, and always seeking to find a better way to do things, apply here.

Great employers aren’t the only reasons why you should consider moving to Tulsa. The jobs hunt, well… this list gives you a great start! Don’t forget. Unpakt helps make the moving part simple with some fantastic movers in Tulsa.


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