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How to Simplify Your Home Office Move

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The moving process can be extremely cumbersome. However, with new options like Unpakt have both simplified this process and made it easier. So here’s the matter of fact. When moving, not only must you figure out how to transport your furniture, office equipment, etc… but, you must also pack up hundreds (if not thousands) of paper files and critical documents that you simply can’t afford to let get misplaced or destroyed along the way. Don’t let your paper landfills cause you more stress during an already stressful time. We have detailed a few options to save you time, money, and relieve stress during your home office move.

Before You Move, Eliminate

You may not be ready to go entirely paperless, but chances are good you’re hanging on to a lot more dead trees than you would like to. So instead of scanning every last document in your files, expend your energy eliminating those irrelevant documents taking up valuable office space.

Digitize Sentimental Photos & Videos

There’s no better time to create digital replicas of your family memories than when you’re trying to declutter. Family Photos? Scan them, organize them, and upload them to safe cloud storage so they’re backed up. Movies & Music? Don’t move your CDs, DVDs, VHS (If those still exist) etc…Digitize your photos & media for ease of use and maximum transferability. Keeping with the elimination idea, donate or sell the leftover “crap” in your collection. Then develop a digital filing system to retrieve, store, and share all of your media with ease and mobility.

Scan Your Business/Personal Documents

There’s no better time to switch to a paperless office/home than during a move. Taking the time to scan all of your vital documents yourself is a tedious and potentially frustrating process. You probably don’t have the latest technology, high-speed scanners, and experience in digitizing, filing, and storing these documents. But, companies like DocuSMART Scan, have a wealth of knowledge and can even come on-site to make this process a breeze. Albeit, having someone scan all of your now organized and cleaned up documents (Remember: Before you move, Eliminate) isn’t free – but neither is paying for the transport, packing and unpacking of years of files. You may spend a little more money to digitize your home office, but you will be left with an organized and accessible cloud-based filing system that will make retrieving your documents easier than ever before.

Team Up with a Vendor

Vendor partners possess in-depth knowledge of digitizing paper landfills and have highly experienced teams of professionals that have been there before. They can walk you through the nuances involved in the mobilization of your home office.

Finally, think about ways to begin purging some of that paper from your life, so you won’t have to deal with so much of it in the future. Some possibilities to do this include: Paperless billing & statements, automatic payments, and other automated paperless initiatives.

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