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Where Do Young Professionals Live in LA?

young professionals

If you are a young professional, then chances are good that you prefer to live in a community with others just like you. However, finding them in an area you are unfamiliar with can be a challenge. If you were moving to a smaller city, you could probably just ask around and everyone would point you in the direction of one or two areas. When you are dealing with a heavily populated city, like LA, determining specific neighborhoods to look for a home is a bit more difficult. Los Angeles is packed full of young professionals, so you will love living here and you will have no problem finding others with similar interests to make friends with. The problem is that now you need to know where career-oriented folks live. Unpakt has put together a list of great areas where young professionals live in LA.

Los Feliz

There is more than one reason to get excited over Los Feliz. Approximately 42 percent of residents 25 and older in this affluent hilly neighborhood have a four-year degree. Here you will find safe streets and a nice association of townhouses mixed in with extravagant homes. Plus, there are some restaurants and bars you can walk to. If you work downtown, you will appreciate that you have access to the subway routes, and you are walking distance to Griffith Park. If this is not enough, this happens to be the birthplace of Mickey Mouse. The first drawing of the world-famous mouse was done right here in Los Feliz.


If you work at one of the many studios in San Fernando Valley, this may be the perfect neighborhood for you. Beverlywood gives you quick access to the 101, 405, and Sepulveda, so you can avoid that horrific traffic that seems to be never-ending in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. At least 55 percent of residents 25 and older have a four-year degree.

Santa Monica

Most people know Santa Monica as a beach community. After all, this is exactly what it is! It also happens to be a highly educated area where many residents work long hours to afford their ocean-side bungalows and high-priced cocktails at some of the hottest bars in Los Angeles. You will also enjoy Third Street Promenade, which has gone through redevelopment in recent years, making this pedestrian-only shopping district even more desirable.


Some people feed off the energy of a bustling metropolis. The Downtown area can be thought of like the West Coast’s version of Manhattan. You do not need a car to live here. Public transportation options are extensive. If you are working in Wells Fargo Bank, the U.S. Bank Tower, or any other building downtown you may want to pay the higher housing fee and appreciate the convenience of living close to work and everything else you could want.

Silver Lake and Echo Park

Although these two neighborhoods are primarily filled with musicians, artists, and film industry people, there are also a lot of young professionals here, as well. You might expect this trendy, chic area to have a snobbish feel, but it doesn’t. There is a cool Bohemian lifestyle vibe.

Culver City

This West Side neighborhood has seen a lot of growth in recent years and has become quite a desirable place to live. Traffic can be horrible at times in places, but there is a nice mix of young professionals and new families. There are great public schools and a ton of fantastic restaurants.

Whether you decide to live in one of these neighborhoods, or you find a different one in LA that suits your needs, don’t risk using a mover who isn’t familiar with the area. Unpakt has several local movers in LA who can make your move easier than finding the perfect place.

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