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Moving in Together – Agreeing on Temperature

Moving in Together

Regardless if you are moving in with a friend, significant other, sibling, or someone you connected with online who needed a roommate, there are bound to be disagreements about the temperature. Even two people who typically get along perfectly are likely to get a little snappy when one person is sweating her makeup off as fast as you can put it on while frantically trying to get ready for work, and another person is so cold her toes hurt. Temperature is a powerful element in a room. It is the one thing that can affect your mood in a positive or negative way. The last thing you want to do is bicker and compromise a friendship or relationship over the heat and air conditioner.


Set Ground Rules

Before you even move in together you should establish a list of ground rules. Most people set rules regardless what time guests have to leave, and how long each person gets in the bathroom in the morning. However, the important topic of temperature never comes up because few actually realize it could become an issue.

If you set rules regarding what temperature the thermostat should remain on at all times then there is never any question, nor there reason to argue. Now, if no one is home during the day, maybe you want to establish a temperature the thermometer should get turned to by the last person walking out the door, and what temperature it should be when one or both of you are home in the evening.



You could create a schedule allowing both of you control over the thermostat on your designated days. Maybe you will want to rotate every 24 or 48 hours, or you could take turns controlling the temperature every other week. This gives you both a fair opportunity to have your days of blissful comfort. The only way this will work is if you establish a “no complaining” rule. You cannot possibly enjoy that ice cold air blowing from the air conditioner if someone else is complaining she is cold or making comments about how high the energy bill will be next month.


Fans, Space Heaters, and Portable Air Conditioners

You will also need to make sure that you are both comfortable with fans, space heaters, and window air conditioners being used. Fans really do not affect an energy bill very much, so you are both likely to have one in your bedroom. Besides, if you are like most, then the noise helps you fall asleep. However, you may need to establish rules, if you plan on using a space heater or window air conditioner in your bedroom.

Will there be specific hours that these items can be used? If one person has one and the other doesn’t, will the person using one be responsible for a larger portion of the energy bill? Ironing out all the details regarding temperature ahead of time will reduce the risk of unnecessary arguments in the future.



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