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What you need to know about Moving Companies in NY for 2020

moving companies in ny for 2020

2020 has been a bizarre year across the board, no surprises there. But New York City has seen a unique phenomenon this year: it seems like everyone is moving. Some are moving within the city to take advantage of the many deals on offer. Some are buying in the city because there are more apartments and condos available than there have been in a long time. And some — quite a few — are moving out of the city now that they can work remotely. 

Whatever the reason, the moving scene is a bit different these days. If you’re trying to hire a moving company, you might find the procedures have changed accordingly. So here’s what you need to know about moving companies in NY for 2020!

Moving companies in NY need to be scheduled in advance

Moving companies in NY are busy. In many cases, they are maxed out on a daily basis and don’t have the trucks or workers to handle any more customers. So even if you’d normally hire your movers a month in advance, in 2020 you should hire them as soon as you decide to move. This is especially true if you have a narrow window based on when your lease ends. Otherwise, you might find yourself lugging your belongings out of your walk-up and going DIY style!

Move on an off-peak day

Moving companies are typically busiest at the beginning and end of the month and on weekends. Work with your landlord to arrange an off-peak move and you might be able to get a better price with your moving company. This may be your only option anyway with the increase of people moving in New York! Note, some landlords or buildings will not allow moving companies to enter the building on weekends to reduce traffic. Moving companies in NY will be familiar with city regulations, but they need you to do your homework regarding your building. Talk with your building manager before you schedule your move.

moving companies in NYC for 2020

Many moving companies in NY are offering virtual walk-throughs

To reduce the in-person contact required for your move in 2020, many NY moving companies will work with you to conduct a virtual walk-through for your estimate. That means you need to be prepared with a device that can stream video to your movers. You also need to have things organized enough that they can assess what they will need for the move – it’s difficult to give an estimate based on a pile of stuff in a closet! 

Some landlords or building managers may discourage moving right now

Although moving companies are still operating freely, some landlords are discouraging or prohibiting moving during the pandemic to decrease the amount of activity in the building. Others have merely increased the regulations around moving to prevent having multiple units moving out on the same day. Moving is typically allowed between 9-5, and reserving elevator use has become even more important to reduce bottleneck traffic.

Ask your moving company about packing materials

Now is not necessarily the time to be running around the city trying to collect boxes, especially if you are one of many New Yorkers who would be using a taxi or even public transit to do so. Many moving companies offer discounted moving kits with a variety of box sizes, packing tape, and just about everything you’d need. You can have these kits sent to your home to get a head start on packing before moving day, or your movers will bring the materials on moving day if you hired them to do the packing.

Note: If you must use recycled boxes, be sure to inspect the boxes well and wait at least 24 hours before using them. According to a recent study, coronavirus can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard.

Consider a contact-free move

If staying in your home while the movers come in and out feels uncomfortable for you, considering scheduling a contact-free move. Some moving companies already offered this option and others have adopted the practice due to demand. You’ll need to be available for video chat or FaceTime during the moving window, and you may need to sign your contract virtually. But you’ll be able to relax in a separate space away from the hubbub of the move and still supervise. 

Note: this option is also dependent on your building’s regulations. Some apartment or condo buildings may not permit the movers to enter your apartment if you are not present.

Moving companies might take longer than usual

If you hire movers to pack your home, or if you have a lot of belongings, you might find it takes a little longer than usual. Working with masks, gloves, and sanitation practices just take time. But in order to keep New York moving during the current pandemic, the moving industry is trying to do our part to make sure we’re being safe. Safety protocols may require your NY moving company to take extra steps and precautions. So your movers will appreciate your support and patience with it all!

Let Unpakt help you find a moving company that will meet your needs. Moving in NY in 2020 isn’t exactly a walk in Central Park, but it can be done!

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