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What Types of Moving Companies are There to Choose From?

Types of Moving

One of the first steps in planning a smooth move is choosing the right moving company. This step is often more confusing than it needs to be as customers are unfamiliar with the kinds of movers available and the different services they provide. Read this quick guide to learn more about the types of moving companies you can choose from.

Obviously, moving abroad and moving to a building down the road are two very different endeavors. The first step to choosing the right mover is determining which type of move you are about to undertake:

  1. Local Move

    Moving locally means that you are moving from one location to another without crossing state lines. Another parameter is the distance between your former and future home. Most movers consider a move local if it is within 50 to 100 miles of your former residence.

  1. Long-Distance Move

    Moving long distance means that you will be moving more than 100 miles away but within the same state.

  1. Interstate Move

    Relocating to a new state, regardless of the distance between residences, makes for an interstate move. The estimate will depend on the weight of your inventory as well as the type of service you choose- full service or self-service.

  1. International Move

    Unsurprisingly, an international relocation involves moving from one country to another. Moving overseas requires a moving company specializing in coordinating and carrying out international moves. The estimate will be based on the shipment’s volume in cubic meters or cubic feet.

  1. Small Local Move

    A small move is determined by the volume of goods you are transporting within the set distance mentioned previously. Local movers generally regard an inventory of fewer than 2000 pounds as a small move.

Once you have established your type of relocation, you need to choose the kind of service which would fit your needs best:

  1. Full-Service Movers

    With this type of service, you don’t need to lift a finger. The movers will pack, load, deliver, unload, and unpack your belongings for you. For some, this is a moving dream come true while others prefer to be more involved and have a hands-on approach to the moving process.

  1. Self-Service Movers

    With self-service moving, you pack your own stuff. The movers load, deliver and unload your belongings at your new home, and you take it from there. It’s a little bit like DIY moving, minus the heavy lifting. When you opt for self-service moving be sure to check the coverage you have in case of damage to your belongings- some movers only accept liability for boxes they packed themselves.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Truck Rental

    This is a truck rental service, which means you are responsible for all aspects of the moving process including packing, loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking. You will be provided with a moving truck and in most cases, some basic moving equipment. Since you’re also responsible for driving the truck (or arranging for someone else to drive it), keep in mind that it is not the same as driving a car. Certain precautions are in order, as well as good insurance.

  1. Specialized Movers

    Specialized moving services are available for specific items which require special care. Items like pianos, antiques, works of art, wine collections, pool tables, safes, automobiles and more can be handled by specialized movers. Not every full-service moving company is capable of handling these special items properly, so make sure to check and if needed, contact a specialized moving company.

  1. Commercial Movers

    Some moving companies specialize in moving businesses, shops, and offices. If you’re staying put but your business is getting a new address, contact professionals who are experienced in commercial moving.

Now that you know what kind of move you have on your hands, finding the right mover for the job should be quite simple. Choosing a mover with Unpakt is even easier, as it allows you to instantly get guaranteed prices based on your actual inventory. Read more about choosing the right moving company with Unpakt in this blog post.


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