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Why The Moving Industry Was Ready For Disruption – Medium Repost

The history of the moving industry and why now is the perfect time to disrupt it.

The act of moving is as old as time. From ancient treks across vast distances to upwardly mobile urbanites in search of the perfect home in the sky, society has made regular migrations a ritual as native to humanity as marriage and technological development. Yet, the technical aspects of moving have remained largely unchanged. From packing up a wagon and moving belongings (hello Oregon Trail!) to packing up a truck and moving the contents of a dorm room to a shared apartment for college grads in Murray Hill, there have been virtually no true changes to process insofar as the actual act of moving is concerned (though there may be a few less oxen involved now). This is amazing given the extent of changes that have occurred in all other facets of industrialization and technology. However, more recently an idea was born that was out to change all of this — and infuse the benefits of modernization and technology throughout the entire process of moving and storage.

Why Disrupt Moving Now?

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