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How to Choose a Moving Company: Old Way vs. New Way

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Can we all agree that moving ranks right up there with having a root canal or stubbing a toe? All kidding aside, most people believe it to be one of the most stressful events in their life. Deciding how to get your family and belongings from the old place to the new one will require serious research and consideration. In 2015, there are two different ways to find a moving company: the old way or the new way.

The Old Way

Until now, the only way to get a moving quote was to call a moving company and schedule an appointment with them. A salesman from the company would then walk through your home to provide a “ballpark” estimate of what your move might cost. Unfortunately, estimates are not set-in-stone and the price could change, sometimes even doubling on your move day.

Before you decide if you should choose that moving company, you need to verify that their license and insurance are up to date with the appropriate agencies and do some research on their experience, reputation, claim history and reviews. (many moving companies operate without a valid license or without proper insurance)

If you want to compare more than one quote, you need to repeat this process multiple times and still be uncertain about your final move price. Sounds stressful and complicated, right?

The New Way

Now, thankfully, there is a much better way to find movers near you! Unpakt is the biggest online price comparison website for moving service. Simply enter in where and what you’re moving, then instantly compare guaranteed prices based on your actual inventory from licensed moving companies in your area and read real customer reviews. There’s no need to make any phone calls or schedule any appointments to get multiple guaranteed prices for your move.

When you use Unpakt, you never have to worry about the moving company you hire because every company has been thoroughly screened. Unpakt verifies the license, insurance, experience and the reputation of every moving company listed on their site.

There are so many important decisions to make when you move. Between finding a new place looking for a new job, new friends, and even a new favorite coffee shop. Finding the right moving company and making sure your price doesn’t change shouldn’t be the reason your  move is stressful. Unpakt offers transparency and a helping hand to walk you through before, during and after your move.

The new way to move now makes booking your move as easy as booking your next vacation! Use Unpakt to choose the perfect mover within minutes and book a guaranteed priced based on your inventory. For more moving tips and resources, visit the Unpakt blog.

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