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Best Movers of the Month – March Edition

Best Movers

Moving can be a headache, so making an informed choice when hiring a professional full-service mover is crucial to making your move a smooth one. Most East Coasters know that winter isn’t the ideal time to move — but Californians can take advantage of cooler temperatures to finally make that relocation. So because we’re committed to providing reliable resources to help you with your decisions, we’ve taken our customers’ feedback and compiled a list of March’s best movers, this time, all based in California.

FlatRate Moving®

Based in San Francisco, CA, this moving company has eighteen years of experience with both commercial and residential moving in the Bay Area. They have expertise in everything from moving your piano to packing and relocating your wine collection safely and securely — and any connoisseur knows that’s no easy task!

Brian had this to say about moving from California to Ohio: “FlatRate Moving is top-notch. They were extremely careful with the furniture and went above and beyond by carefully wrapping items such as a bike. The crew was very friendly and efficient. Highly recommended!”

Super Movers Express

Another highly ranked San Francisco-based moving company, they are committed to making your move as stress-free as possible. Their expert team will help you create a moving plan to help you stay organized, and the reviews are a testament to their success.

“Very professional, efficient, and made the move-out day so much easier and stress-free. I highly recommend Super Movers Express,” says Laura. A great option if you’re moving in The Bay.

CalState Movers

A Los Angeles mover who prides themselves on their straightforward quotes, there won’t be any surprise charges for equipment, packing tape, or evaluation, and they include the use of wardrobe boxes and moving blankets. So the quote you get is the quote you get, period.

Alyssa appreciated their help when she wasn’t quite finished packing: “Was very good. I was unable to finish packing before movers came as I had told them all would be packed, but they helped out and made it work even though they weren’t expecting the extra work. The process was very quick. I will definitely look into using this company again next time I move.”

Ninja Movers

Based in Santa Clara, California, they’ve got ninja-like efficiency, speed, and overall skills — so if you’re looking for a team to help you move stealthily and smoothly, with a price tag that won’t suddenly change mid-move, the Ninja Movers are a good bet.

One Yelp reviewer wrote, “Ninja Movers helped me move this past weekend. Humberto and his crew were very courteous, helpful and efficient. They did a great job, disassembling beds and reassembling at the new place, and also managing all the stuff we had. We also used Ninja Movers’ junk removal service; they took our old furniture and garbage. Great experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!”

5 Star Movers

They know how to navigate the wilds of Los Angeles when it’s time to move your home. Their professional movers are also available to help you pack and unpack your belongings whether that’s assembling your furniture or unbolting your shelves from the walls.

Customers have noted their efficiency, too: “They didn’t waste any time at all. Everything was packed up well and transported effectively, and they even set up what we needed in the new place.  I would definitely recommend their services again in the future. Their prices were reasonable and competitive,” said Gillian.

We wish you a seamless and stress-free move, West Coast folks — check back next month for more highly recommended movers.

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