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Top 5 Reasons Why Moving to Los Angeles is Exciting

moving to los angeles

Los Angeles is more than just Hollywood or Disneyland. With a vibrant nightlife, Mediterranean climate, and the city that invented food trucks find why moving to Los Angeles can be exciting below.

1. Celebrities

Los Angeles holds different meanings for everyone moving here. Some are chasing the dream of stardom, others a job or a change of scenery, and some because they want to be part of a world-class city. Los Angeles is great for all of those reasons but almost everyone who moves here is excited about the idea that you might walk around the corner and casually run into a famous celebrity, or even dine in the same restaurant.

2. Beach Scene

Los Angeles County boasts a coastline of 75 miles long, stretching from Malibu to Long Beach with endless activities and fun attractions from classic beach boardwalks, beach volleyball, famous surfing beaches, long stretches of beaches that you can walk and view beautiful beachfront homes draw millions each year.

3. Climate

The climate in Los Angeles is considered a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers, rainy winters, and modest temperature variations from winter to summer, Los Angeles is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for somewhere warm without extreme winters. When you live in Los Angeles you’ll become familiar with 2 climate terms, the Santa Ana Winds; the strong, hot east wind that can drive temps up along the beaches, and microclimate; which causes extreme variations in temperature in close physical proximity to each other.

4. Culture and Diversity

You’ll get to explore the giant melting pot that helped make this city so unique. Cultures from around the world have contributed to this grand city and the best way to experience this is to visit the incredible cultural attractions that make Los Angeles so unique. Los Angeles has more museums and theaters than any U.S. city and has thriving music, art gallery, and food scene.  This is truly a city where you can experience anything from live jazz to almost anything from a food truck.

5. Sporting Fun

There are plenty of opportunities to see your favorite sport in LA – and even more ways to play it. Two professional NBA teams, two MLB teams, two MLS teams, and two NHL teams all play here. The only sport LA seems to lack is an NFL team, but there is great college football action from teams like UCLA and USC. Outdoor recreation is extremely popular in Los Angeles. The mild climate along with the healthy lifestyle make activities like beach volleyball, surfing, skiing in the nearby mountains, bike riding, exploring the parks, or being a part of an amateur sports league more popular than anything else.

The City of Los Angeles is so large and diverse, it has something to offer everyone who is looking to relocate. Good moving companies in Los Angeles can help make the move easier, meaning you have more time to explore. Use Unpakt to compare movers and see for yourself!

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