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Top Milwaukee Brewery Tours

Milwaukee Brewery

Milwaukee, WI has been called “The beer capital of the world,” and for good reason! The city is filled with both established beer companies and new, up-and-coming craft breweries. If you’re planning a visit, make sure to take advantage of the top Milwaukee brewery tours, which include both facility tours and tastings galore. Let’s be honest, tastings are really what Milwaukee brewery tours are all about, right? Here are 5 top Milwaukee brewery tours:

  1. Lakefront Brewery

    The Lakefront Brewery tour is so good, Milwaukee Magazine’s reviewer commented, “Lakefront wrote the book on brewery tours.” Part of what makes this tour so special are the generous samples that are included in the cost. Four 6 ounce pours of beer plus a souvenir pint glass. You can pre-order tickets online or in-person, but be warned! There are 60 spots available per tour and they tend to fill up quickly.

  1. MillerCoors

    If you want to go on a top Milwaukee brewery tour, look no further than one of the biggest names in beer. You’ll see over 155 years of brewing history when you go on the free Miller brewery tour. From Frederick Miller’s old-fashioned brewing methods to the sophisticated machinery the company uses today, you’ll be impressed. The tour takes place both indoors and outdoors. Of course, you’ll get to taste some samples of America’s favorite German-style beer along the way.

  1. Fun Beer Tours

    You’ll get an overview of the entire Milwaukee brewing scene when you sign up for a Milwaukee brewing tour with Fun Beer. What’s more, you’ll have a variety of tours to choose from: Shuttle, Walking, Craft Beer, Historical Tour, Beer Capital of the World Tour, or a totally customized tour to suit your interests.

  1. Sprecher Brewing Company

    Sprecher was founded in 1985 and since then, its lager, stouts, and other brews have won numerous awards in national competitions. When you sign up for a brewery tour, you’ll get to sample up to 20 of Sprecher’s unique beers in the facility’s indoor beer garden. Tours take place on weekdays and weekends, and you can book a spot online or by phone.

  1. Milwaukee Brewing Co.

    Known as a “beer in hand” tour, when you visit Milwaukee Brewing Co. you’ll get all sorts of tasty samples, including year-round staple flavors, current seasonal offerings, and some specialties from the ABV series or the brewery scoundrel’s stash. You’ll also learn about how the brewery crafts beers using the best local ingredients and how its systems support the company’s sustainability values.

With some tours offered for free and others starting as low as $8/person, Milwaukee brewery tours are not only fun, but affordable. While most tours last between 30-60 minutes, you can make a whole day of it by bringing along a picnic lunch or eating out at a nearby restaurant. Whatever you do, make sure to try at least one Milwaukee brewery tour next time you’re in the city.


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