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Tips for You Last-Minute Packers

Last-Minute Packers

Uh-oh… You said you weren’t going to do it this time, but you did, didn’t you? You’ve been procrastinating and telling yourself you had plenty of time to pack, but now your movers are practically knocking on your door and you are totally unprepared. Well, there is no point stressing over it or feeling sorry for yourself because you need to cancel all your fun plans. You don’t even have time to feel bad! You’ve simply got to focus… and start packing. We created this list to show you how last-minute packers, how to pack for a move and trust us- it is not at all as stressful as you imagine. Just take a deep breath and start reading:

Get Organized

Taking a few minutes to get organized before you start packing will save you lots of time later, so whip out your packing checklist and decide which room to start with.

Get Help

This is the time to call in those favors and get your friends and family to come and lend a hand. They’re (almost) always happy to help, right? Just remember to get some drinks and refreshments to keep your helpers happy- more on that later.

Get Your Supplies

Don’t count on those leftover boxes you have lying around somewhere. Go out and get all of the packing equipment you need before you start with the actual packing, including boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and so on. The reason for this is that once you need to run out and get more supplies, it’ll be twice as hard to get back in the rhythm once you’re back. And don’t worry about having too many boxes- most unused supplies can be easily returned.

Don’t Pack Everything

What’s the point in packing stuff you don’t need? Designate a box for donations and a box for garbage, and sort your belongings as you pack. If you would have started earlier, you could have had a “sell” box too, but we’re not here to make you feel bad… Whenever you come across something you don’t need, don’t use or doesn’t fit you anymore (seriously, we’re not here to make you feel bad!), put it in one of these two boxes.

Don’t forget to pack dishes. You’ll need them.

Divide Up Your Clothes

Getting your clothes out of the way first is one of the best last minute packing tips ever. Simply set aside the clothes you expect to use in the following days, then create another pile with the clothes you’ll need in the first two weeks after moving day. Pack those clothes in a bag, a suitcase or a clearly marked box, so you don’t have to dig through the boxes to find them when you’re in your new place. The rest of the clothes can go into boxes or big nylon bags. And don’t forget to toss and donate the ones you don’t wear anymore!

Box of Needs

Set a couple of boxes aside specifically for things that you will need right away. These could include towels, coffee maker, cell phone charger, etc. You can continue to add to these boxes right up until you are ready to leave since you are probably still using some of the items.

Munchies and Music

There was never in the history of man a predicament that could not be helped by good music and tasty treats. Jimi Hendrix may not be able to pack your home for you, but he can propel you into the mindset that gets the job done fast. Unless you’re more of a Rihanna person, a Maroon 5 fan, a Belieber or a… you get the drift. But pay attention to the kind of snacks you find yourself reaching for. As tempting as chips, candy bars, and chocolate may seem, they will just end up weighing you down and making you feel tired. Grab some granola bars, fruits, air-popped popcorn and a box of sugar-free fruit pops to indulge in during breaks.

Manage Your Time

Set your phone or kitchen timer to exactly one hour and power-pack until it goes off. Set it again for 15 minutes and take a break, freshen up with some water and a good snack and set your timer again to one more hour. Taking regular breaks will help you keep your energy levels up.

Packing at the last minute is no fun, but if you stay focused you will have it all done long before your movers arrive. Many moving companies offer moving services that include packing and unpacking so if you find yourself unable to finish packing in time, your moving company might be able to help for a small fee. Unpakt is here to help with any questions you may have.

Got any moving tips of your own to share?


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