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5 Great Reasons to Consider Moving to Tulsa, OK

Moving to Tulsa

Tulsa is one of the best Midwest cities to live in and is home to lots of great attractions. There are plenty of neighborhoods that are suitable for raising a family or starting a career. Here are 5 reasons to start packing and moving to Tulsa.

1. Relax with Live Music

The live music scene in Tulsa is thriving! Cain’s Ballroom is one of the best places for a concert, especially if you’re a fan of rock or electronica. Brady Theater, which used to be a Vaudeville house, is the place for musical acts that are pretty well-known. If you want to hear your favorite stars perform in the city, check out the BOK Center schedule to book concert tickets.

2. Visit the Tulsa Zoo

The zoo is ranked as one of the top in the country and is home to some of the county’s cutest animals. You and your children can also learn a lot about animals from various parts of the world. The facility is expansive and colorful, and could easily serve as your first family outing as soon as you’re done unpacking.

3. Improve Your Health

Tulsa is one of the healthiest cities in Oklahoma, which is good news if you’re trying to take more control of your health. There are lots of farmers markets to choose from, and the Cherry Street market is one of the best. There are also lots of biking, skiing and hiking trails in the city, so there are plenty of opportunities to get in shape, especially if you want to participate in Sun & Ski or the Tulsa Runner.

4. Learn More About Horses

The city hosts one of the world’s largest horse shows, the Arabian Horse Association’s U.S. Nationals. This is exciting if you happen to be a lover of horses. You can attend the event not only for the horses but for the barn decoration and shopping that is part of the day.

5. Enjoy Breathtaking Art

Finally, you won’t want to pass up a trip to the Philbrook Museum. The facility is nationally ranked, and you can view quality African and European art pieces. The actual museum is a work of art within itself.

These are just a few of the exciting things you can do in Tulsa with kids (and without). To make your move easy, it’s best to check out these 12 moving tips.

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