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American Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria

Museum of the Moving Image

[Photo: Museum of the Moving Image ]

Most people hiring NYC movers are well aware that this city offers endless opportunities for things to do and see. This is a place where you truly will never run out of things to do. That being said, most people know where Central Park is, where to find the best shopping, which bar is happening on any given night and where the trendiest galleries are, however, there is so much more to NYC! There are countless intriguing establishments that many people, even natives, don’t know about. The American Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria is one of these very places.


In the Beginning

Many people think of museums as being boring. If this sounds like you, then you are probably thinking that in a place like New York City, the last thing you will be doing in your spare time is walking through a museum, right? Well, this place is a little different. This is a museum you won’t want to escape from while you are on a tour.

Since opening its doors in 1988, this museum has been recognized as America’s  only one of its kind that is dedicated solely to moving image. This includes art, history, and technology.

Interestingly, the building itself has a rich history. Not only was it used in the 1920s for silent films, it was also used in 1942 to make training films for soldiers of WWII.



There are always films to be enjoyed at the museum. Sometimes, there are documentaries that are free to watch with paid admission to the museum while other times there is a fee. There are even some films that may require reservations. You can always view what they coming up online or by just stopping in the building. A few examples of what they offer include The Muppet Show, Blue Velvet, Keep the Lights on, and The Films of Ira Sachs.



There are more than 130,000 artifacts to be explored at the American Museum of the Moving Image. These are items that anyone can appreciate. Children and teenagers will find how much hard work used to go into making a movie pretty unbelievable. You will explore artifacts from every production stage, including promoting, producing still photographs, video, and computer games and so much more.


Behind the Scene

This is the museum’s primary exhibition. It is essentially the heart-and-soul of the venue and a must-see for anyone visiting.

Over 1,400 artifacts are found in this collection, including coveted ones like a real Yoda out of Star Wars and mind-bending optical toys.


Visiting the Museum

You are always free to browse the museum without being part of a tour. There is a good chance that your NYC movers can point you in the direction of how to find it, even if they have never indulged in the rich history themselves.

If you want a more educational visit, guided tours are available at an affordable price. However, spaces are limited, so it is recommended to make reservations at least three weeks in advance.



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