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Is Just the Thought of Moving Giving You a Minor Heart Attack?

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It seems obvious—you know you should compare multiple moving prices and moving companies before you choose your mover. In fact, studies have shown that moving customers compare an average of 2-3 moving companies when moving locally and even more when moving longer distances or for large home moves. But one thing that often surprises people is that the simple act of comparing prices is not actually so simple at all.

Two Ways to Shop for a Moving Company

Comparison shopping for moving companies traditionally involve a long process of scouring online review sites, calling moving companies, waiting for sales reps to create estimates, and then guessing (praying?) you made the right choice and hoping that nothing goes wrong. The process for gathering quotes takes days or even a week or more in some cases. It may require taking off work to meet estimators or spending hours on the phone repeating a long list of inventory over and over. And finally, it often requires a Ph. D. in deciphering moving estimates to make sense of everything—and they can still change! In short, comparing moving companies and prices can be a really painful experience!

But what if we told you that not all moves start like this? Online moving company marketplaces such as Unpakt don’t require any of these antiquated methods, reduce the time to get many quotes to just minutes, and makes understanding quotes and comparing them easy. Unpakt uses a simple yet comprehensive platform to enable moving customers to input their inventory once, enter their moving details, and get immediate quotes with guaranteed prices from every available mover. Over 600 movers are currently listed on the Unpakt platform. In many areas that can mean a dozen or more moving company quotes within five minutes—all with guaranteed prices and real customer reviews right there, in one place. And Unpakt adds new moving companies every day!

Two Ways to Manage a Moving Company

Meanwhile, have you ever tried to manage a moving company after booking? Moving Day is hard enough–but learning to speak “mover” is nearly impossible. Traditionally, moving customers are tasked with directly managing communication with their mover–pretty much the most painful thing you can think of when moving. Reaching out if moving plans changed, updating information on file with the company, contacting customer service or claims if there was an issue. This process often leads to a combination of plenty of time on hold, difficult conversations with disinterested customer service reps, and a general feeling of being at the mercy of the moving company. But this is not the only way to manage your moving company.

Instead, you can manage your moving company through a third party that acts as your advocate and works in your best interests. In today’s marketplace the best one available is Unpakt. Unpakt handles the details, reminds you when you need to make decisions or give information to your moving company, and generally acts as the liaison between the moving company and the customer. If something changes or goes wrong on moving day, Unpakt steps in to make sure both parties are taken care of by translating communication on both sides and working towards a successful resolution. The moving customer is never left at the mercy of the moving company and has Unpakt’s full support. The way moving should be.

Still not sure whether using Unpakt is the best way to move? We’ll let you just imagine going through the entire traditional process of finding a mover for a few minutes… and then we’ll see you at

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