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Important Tips When Moving in Winter

moving in winter

Moving can be a challenge, but moving in the winter is a whole different story. Although you’ll likely save on moving costs during the snowy season, you’ll encounter a host of other challenges, from slippery roads to cold homes. However, never fear; if you follow these simple tips, moving in winter will be both a safe and streamlined.

Move during the Morning

When the sun sets around 5 o’clock, you won’t want to be carrying your giant couch up an icy driveway. Unfortunately, delays due to weather can easily make this a reality if you don’t start your move early. If it’s impossible to schedule in the morning with your movers, make sure both your old and new homes have great outdoor and indoor lighting to help you avoid tripping and dropping items. 

Prepare Both Your New and Old Homes

There are many ways to protect your home from winter weather, but when it comes to moving, extra precautions are necessary. Before getting started, make sure that the sidewalks, driveways, and doors at both sites are clear from snow and ice. It’s also a great idea to protect your floors with cardboard or plastic wrap so that they don’t get ruined by tracked-in snow or mud. 

Make sure to Manage the Heat

On moving day, you’ll likely have your door wide open for extended periods of time. So, it’s a great idea to turn your furnace off so you don’t lose money as your precious heat escapes. Thankfully, you won’t have to freeze; keep your family and movers warm by heating one room with a space heater and providing hot beverages.

While the heat’s off in your new house, make sure the utilities are set up and turned on in your new home. You won’t want to move in with no heat! 

Keep the Weather Channel On

During the whirlwind of tasks that comes with moving, it’s easy to lose sight of seemingly simple things like the weather. If an unexpected storm catches you off-guard, you can wind up snowed in. For that reason, keep the TV or radio on in the days before the move and always have a backup plan. Talk to your movers about their rescheduling policies and make sure to keep your realtor and landlord in the loop.

Have Blankets, Sheets, or Towels Ready

If a downpour does start mid-move, you’ll want your belongings to be safe. Keep blankets, sheets, or towels on hand to protect important items from the weather. Otherwise, your antique rocking chair may get covered in sleet. 

Stay Positive

Moving during the winter months doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, as long as you plan ahead, stay organized, and watch the weather, the process can just as easy as moving during the summer, all while saving you money. Overall, if you pay attention to these tips, your winter move will be as nice as the summer sun.

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