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How to Move Your Utilities


An important step to remember when you move is to transfer your utility services including your electricity, gas, and water. If you are moving to another house or apartment in the same city or county, it usually involves calling your utility companies for an address change. But if you are moving to another state or county, you may not be able to move your utilities, but rather will have to have the services disconnected permanently.

1. Create a list of utilities you have

Typically everyone has at least three utility services that include electricity, water, and gas. Sit down and write a list of all the utilities you have and the name of the company that provides the service. Then do a quick Google search to find their phone number and hours of operation. Before you call them, make sure you know the date you are moving out, your current address, the address of your new place and your desired transfer date.

2. Find out the utility services offered at your new address

Visit your new house or apartment and find out the utility services offered there. If you are moving into a rented apartment, some utility services such as water and the internet may be included in the rent. If you are moving into a house, you may have to connect or transfer all the services you need. Talk to your new neighbors and find out if there are any exclusive or preferred utility providers in the area that offer discounts.

3. Call your utility service providers

Call each utility service provider to transfer or discontinue the utility service. Give them the exact date you need the service transferred by. Ideally, you should call them at least a month in advance. Ask them what you need to do and whether you will need to be present when the utilities at your old address are turned off and the utilities at your new address are turned on. Find out if there are any discounts and incentives to continue the service at your new address.

4. Check to make sure the utilities have been transferred

At least two days before moving, check all the utility services at your new address to make sure they have been transferred and are working. If any utility has not been transferred, call the company and let them know you need to have it transferred before you move into your new address. Enter the transfer details in your utility list as soon as each utility has been transferred successfully.

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