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When to Find a New Roommate

When to Find a New Roommate

Finding the perfect roommate is comparable to locating a needle in a haystack. The perfect one may not even exist, but that does not mean you cannot do better than the one you have who is making you miserable. Perhaps you adore your roommate as a person, but they just are not reliable when it comes time to pay the rent. Whatever the case is, there are a few reasons why it may be time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Alternately, if you have never had a roommate, you may be at a point where adding one could be beneficial.

Slow Pay

If your current roommate is consistently late with their share of money for rent or utilities, it is probably time to replace them. There is a huge difference between being late once because of unexpected car repairs and constantly coming up with excuses. Not only does this put a huge burden on your shoulders, it creates stress, which can affect your sleep quality, health, and productivity at school or work. If you are not crazy about the person to begin with, then saying goodbye will be easy. If they are your friend, it will be hard, but you have to do what is right for you.

Skipping Work

Have you noticed your roommate has been taking days off work because they have a hangover or they want to go to the beach? If you notice that they are all of a sudden becoming irresponsible, this could mean they will become late with bills soon too, especially if they lose their job. Have they recently started hanging out with someone new, or have a new love interest? Perhaps their focus on priorities is being clouded.

Careless or Disrespectful

If roommates do not treat one another with respect, living arrangements are doomed. If you come home to candles burning but no one is there, or the door is left unlocked, then your roommate is being careless. This can affect your safety. Are they leaving half-eaten chocolate bars on the coffee table where your four-legged friend can get to them? Again, this is careless. If they have broken things or are not doing their share of the chores, this is disrespectful. If they are making a ton of noise when they come in late knowing you have to work in the morning, they need to go. If they are in any way treating you or your belongings in a way that you would never do to them, it is time to start looking for someone new.

First-Time Roommate

Have you been considering renting out an extra room, but you are not really sure if you actually need a roommate? If you are struggling lately to pay rent and utilities, then having a little extra income from a roommate could be quite helpful. If you have been picking up extra hours at work lately, and you feel bad that your dog is alone so much, a roommate who loves animals would be great to have around.

Also, if the crime rate has increased lately in the neighborhood, it will be very beneficial to have someone around. Coming home from work late at night, and knowing someone is there is very comforting.

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