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8 Most Forgotten Items When Moving

Forgotten Items

Have you ever noticed that you start to overlook things in your home because you see them every day? While you know to step over the shoes that are always in front of the door, a guest may trip over them. You hardly notice that hole in the wall anymore, but it is the first thing that your landlord sees. It is natural to become so used to your surroundings that you simply overlook thins. This is why so many items are often left behind during a move, and why your movers may ask you more than once if something stays or goes. They have seen more things forgotten than you can probably imagine. Below are the 8 most commonly forgotten items when moving that you need to make a mental note of before you hand over your old keys.


  1. Coffee Maker

    Of course, you did not pack the coffee maker because you need it for you morning cup of Joe. While you had every intention of grabbing it and you probably even turned it off and rinsed it out when the movers arrived, it still got left behind on the counter. If you are a caffeine-a-holic, it is fine to leave it out, but put your keys right in front of it, so you remember to grab it when you are walking out the door.


  1. Magnets

    Do you even notice the magnets on your fridge anymore? While they may not be all that valuable and easily replaced, perhaps what they are holding is. You might have pictures of art your kids created, bills or notes with important phone numbers attached to your fridge. Make a point to double check the fridge before you leave.


  1. Lawnmower

    If you are moving out of a house, it is easy to completely overlook your lawnmower parked in your garage or shed. This means that you may also forget gardening tools as well.


  1. Hose

    Again, if you are downsizing from a house to an apartment, you might forget all about the hose still attached outside. If this is a cheap hose with holes, you may not even care, but if it is a decent hose with a nice spray nozzle, make a point to unhook it. Chances are good that if you ask around, someone will be more than happy to take it off your hands, or you can always donate it.


  1. Spare Key

    Do you have a spare key hidden outside? Most people do. You need to make sure that you grab it. This is especially true if you get charged a key fee for not returning all sets to your landlord upon moving out.


  1. Pet Bowls

    You probably have food bowls inside and water bowls both inside and outside. These are some of the things you probably don’t even notice anymore. These bowls are not like replacing a few Tupperware containers; some can be pretty costly. This is especially  true if you have nonslip bottoms or elevated feeders. You don’t want to leave these behind.


  1. Plunger and Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Although the plunger and toilet bowl cleaner are two separate things, they are often in the same place together, so if you forget one, you forget both. Although neither are expensive to replace, it would be a shame to get to your new place and actually need one or the other.


  1. Microwave

    You may find it strange that microwaves get left behind, but this is quite common. Small apartment movers see enough places where the microwaves are furnished by the landlords as kitchen appliances that sometimes they just assume that it is one, unless told otherwise.



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