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Moving During the Coronavirus – What to Consider

moving during coronavirus

Just about everything has become more complex during the Coronavirus, and moving to a new home is certainly not exempt. Even if you decide to rent a truck and use the DIY moving approach, there’s the process of purchasing moving supplies, donating your unwanted items, and traveling. So what should you consider when moving during the Coronavirus? We’ve laid out some of the most important things you’ll want to do — or avoid!

moving during coronavirus

Give yourself plenty of time for moving preparation

Moving to a new home can be plenty stressful on its own. Add in the constraints and challenges of moving during the Coronavirus, and everything is amplified! Offer yourself and your family some extra compassion during this time. Recognize that things usually take longer than we think, even in non-pandemic times. Now, we’re probably even slower because things like running to the store to grab packing supplies aren’t as quick and easy as they once were! Patience, patience, patience. Start your moving process as early as makes logical sense to reduce the pressure.

Research COVID protocols at local donation sites

Moving is almost always a catalyst for decluttering and paring down your belongings. But with many donation centers receiving an overwhelming number of donations as folks cleaned out their closets during lockdown, protocols might be different. Smaller centers might not have the capacity to “quarantine” items for the mandatory amount of time, so find out what your local donations sites are accepting. The usual pickup services for larger items like furniture may also be different, and many sites are not currently accepting upholstered furniture. It’s best to call and get all the details!

Get a virtual moving quote

To reduce the number of times you need to let strangers into your home, many moving companies are providing virtual walk-throughs or virtual moving quotes. This makes the process of getting all of the numbers and data you need to select the best movers for your needs. Some movers will utilize video walk-throughs via FaceTime or other services, while others work with a detailed inventory instead. With Unpakt, you won’t have to worry about having extra people in your home! Our guaranteed moving quotes are quick and easy. 

moving during coronavirus

Ask about your moving company’s COVID protocols

Moving companies are bound by state and local protocols regarding COVID safety just like any other business. It’s still a good idea to find out the specifics of what your company requires. Then, determine what will help you to feel most at ease. Preparing a handwashing station, placing hand sanitizer around the house, and staging your home well can be really helpful in keeping everyone safe. Your movers should come prepared with their own masks and gloves, but having extras on hand is never a bad thing. Set up your home so that you can spend most of your time in a separate room or, even better, outside!

Note: find out about your moving company’s cancellation policy when it comes to COVID, as it may differ from their usual policy. They don’t want to put their employees in danger, after all, if someone in your family gets sick!

Plan your travels well in advance

Whether you decide to drive, fly, or take the train, plan ahead with all of your travels. Now is not the time to pull up to a hotel and hope that they have rooms available! Call ahead to make reservations and ask about COVID protocols. Find out about their cancellation policy as well, just in case something comes up that changes your moving or travel plans.

Bring some basic cleaning supplies to your new home

Before you arrive at your new house, pick up some basic cleaning supplies. Even though your new landlord or real estate agent has probably ensured that the home is clean, give the high-traffic touch areas a once-over upon arrival. Then when the movers leave, wipe down the high-touch areas again and prepare your space to start unpacking! 

Moving during the Coronavirus isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable! Take these considerations and your move will go much smoother. Hiring a team of professional, vetted movers from Unpakt can also help!

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