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What can a moving company move?

What can a moving company move?

If you have visions of loading everything and anything into the back of your moving company’s truck, think again! Movers can move many, many things, but there are parameters. Certain things aren’t safe for them to transport, while others are just too much liability (hello, pets!). So as you look around your house wondering what can a moving company move, use this list as your reference!

Kitchen Moving Service

For the most part, your kitchen appliances and cooking implements should all be able to go on the truck. Antique china or silver sets may require additional insurance if they are a high-value item, and some moving companies choose not to move items over a certain value. 

What can’t be moved is your perishable food. Typically your moving company will move dry goods like cans and unopened containers of food. Though you might want to double-check that transporting a box of dried beans is really worth the cost… Especially if you’re moving long distance, consider donating your unopened dry goods and purchasing new food after the move. 

Lastly, you may need to inquire about transporting your extensive wine collection. Since this is such a delicate task, the majority of moving companies suggest that you work with a specialty wine shipping company for long distance travel. For a local move, you might decide to move your wine collection yourself.

What can a moving company move?

Living Room Moving Service

Your typical dining set, as well as your sofa and entertainment center, are normal fare for movers. The big questions in these two rooms are usually antique furniture and artwork. When you secure your moving quote, inquire about having the movers build custom crates for your artwork or other precious items. They can usually move these items, but will need to come prepared! Artwork and antique furniture requires special treatment and preparation to handle the move well.

Some electronics, like large flatscreen televisions, will also require special preparation. If you didn’t save the original box, your movers will need to create something to protect your expensive electronics for the duration of the move. Again, this usually isn’t a problem; they just need to be prepared.

Bathroom Moving Service

Towels, linens, it can all go into boxes without question. You’ll need to use discernment, however, when it comes to both your medicine cabinet and the cleaning chemicals under the sink. Your movers cannot transport your prescription medications due to liability reasons. That likely doesn’t include aspirin or other OTC medicines, but check with your moving company to be sure. Plan to pack and transport any prescriptions yourself.

Any toxic cleaning chemicals like bleach, drain clog remover, or ammonia are potentially corrosive or combustible and cannot be moved by your moving company. As your mover for a full list of chemicals that they cannot move, or err on the side of caution and leave your heavy duty bathroom cleaners behind.

Lastly, you’ll need to find a new home for your nail polish and polish remover. Both are potentially flammable and/or toxic, so do yourself and your movers a favor and don’t throw them in a box!

What can a moving company move?

Bedroom Moving Service

Bedframes, clothing, bedding, area rugs, it all can easily go on the truck. For the most part, the bedroom should be a fairly straightforward room to pack! Wardrobe boxes even make it easy to tuck your hanging clothes safely away for transport. When it comes to jewelry, your moving company will be fine to transport anything that isn’t of high value. If you have a jewelry collection with semiprecious stones or high value pieces, consult with your movers. They may have a certain value threshold that they are willing to transport, or they may recommend that you carry your jewelry with you.

Basement/Garage Moving Service

The many odds and ends that get tucked away need to be sorted before you hand them to your movers! Those old boxes of photographs that you still haven’t opened can go right back on the truck if you’d like. The cans of paint, paint thinner, or other hazardous materials need to be disposed of before moving day. Anything that you cannot put in the regular trash should not go on the truck. 

If you are transporting yard tools or other gasoline-powered machinery, be sure the tanks are empty and dried out. Your movers still may choose not to transport them if they have too much fuel residue. Propane tanks, scuba tanks, spray paint, and camping fuel are also out as they are potentially explosive under the wrong conditions. You may want to consider selling or giving these things to friends. They are not easy to transport long distances! 

Now that you have a good sense of what your moving company can move, it’s time to compare quotes on Unpakt! Enter your moving details all in one place to compare rates across vetted moving companies. 

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