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How to Choose Packers and Movers for Local Shifting

how to choose packers and movers

You love where you live, but have outgrown your place. You want a bigger apartment or house. Maybe you’re ready for smaller digs. As a business owner, you want to downsize because more employees are remote now. Whether you’re moving your home or office space, check out these tips on how to choose packers and movers for your local shift

Hire Packers for Local Shifting

You may be moving a mile or going to a neighboring town. This doesn’t mean you can pack up the stuff yourself and save money, or get your family and friends to pitch in. As simple as moving locally seems, it’s a lot of work. Poor packing damages items, and can end up costing you more than hiring professionals.

Choose professional packers for local shifting with experience in packing inventory efficiently and safely so your things are well-protected. Movers know how to pack fragile items like glassware, vases, picture frames, mirrors, televisions, and precious belongings when moving residences. They are experienced in packing up business equipment, and have the right packing materials for all types of inventory. Packers will also optimize space on the truck, and will dismantle and reassemble any furniture if need be.

Local Movers Know the Neighborhoods

Local packers and movers know the area, the various neighborhoods and any regulations that could impact a move. Movers are familiar with city parking laws, including where they can legally park and load and unload a truck. They typically know the neighborhood’s moving restrictions and street-cleaning laws so they can avoid getting a ticket or even towed.

Movers for Local Shifting Are Familiar with High-Rise Rules & Regulations

Are you leaving or relocating from/to a high-rise apartment or office building? Local local packers and movers are familiar with move-in and move-out procedures, so they can let you know the type of information to get from the condo or co-op association (if residential) to schedule your move. This includes knowing the time of day you’re allowed to move, and the high-rise’s rules on reserving the elevator. You need to use a freight elevator or reserve one of the main elevators ahead of time. Find out if you need permission for the movers to park their truck. Parking spots are limited at high-rise buildings, especially for large moving trucks. A professional local mover works in compliance with high-rise apartment and office building rules and regulations. 

Note: Some buildings don’t allow DIY moves, and only permit professional movers. 

Let the building management know ahead of time the day of your move so they can prepare for extra foot traffic and let other residents or office tenants know about the move. The process can be disruptive, and elevator space is limited as is going in and out of the lobby door. This is even more important during the current pandemic. Professional movers for local shifting follow procedures and practices for social distancing, face coverings and other COVID-related recommendations. 

Vet Local Packers and Movers

Use a service to vet professional movers. A short-distance move doesn’t mean nothing can go wrong, like lost or damaged inventory. Movers should be insured. In some states, local movers must carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to cover inventory. Minimum coverage, however, is really not enough to cover inventory damage. The amount of coverage should respond in the event of a loss. Check your homeowners or renters insurance Or purchase full-value protection from the professional moving company

The same applies for office moves. Ensure proper coverage is in place. Talk to the moving company or contact your insurance agent about protecting your inventory while in transit.  

Go online and compare quotes from local moving and packing companies. Get transparent and guaranteed pricing based on your inventory and location move. Include any additional services in your request for an accurate quote. Use a reputable service to contract packers and movers for your local relocation, and remove the typical stress that comes with a move. 

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