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The COVID pandemic has altered life as we know it…at least temporarily. New York City was one of the first areas hard hit by the virus back in March. Many residents looked to the suburbs for more space. The pandemic also emptied office buildings. With the current surge in cases and remote work the new norm, some businesses are looking to downsize their office space. Some are leaving major cities, including Manhattan, to less costly locations. The need for a moving company for businesses in NYC has never been greater. 

Businesses Downsizing, Moving Out of NYC

Some businesses are downsizing and setting up satellite offices in the suburbs of New York. For example, they’re looking to go from a 10,000 to a 3,000 square-foot space. Owners are setting up additional spaces in Westchester, Long Island and nearby Connecticut. A recent survey of CEOs conducted by KPMG shows that 68% of large companies plan on downsizing their office space. 

Businesses are also looking to leave NYC altogether. Wall Street firms, for example, are leaving the city to move to other states in an effort to reduce costs. According to Forbes Magazine, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, UBS, Citigroup, and other financial institutions have established hubs in other areas. This includes Florida, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Nashville and other less expensive locations in comparison to New York. In addition to the resurgence of COVID-19, high taxes and a less-friendly business environment are among the reasons for the move out of NYC. 

Get the Right NYC Moving Company for Your Business

You may be one of the businesses looking to stay in Manhattan but reduce your office space and take advantage of potential good rentals. Or you want to set up a shop outside NYC as many of your employees will continue to work from home. Whether you’re moving across town to a smaller space or leaving the city, here are some valuable tips for choosing a commercial moving company in NYC. 

Prepare For Your Business Move

Organize your relocation in advance to get the best moving company possible. The timing depends on whether you’re moving within NYC, setting up a satellite office or moving out of the city.

If you’re downsizing, declutter so you’re not moving business equipment, furnishings and files you don’t need. You’ll cut down on your inventory and the cost to move these things. Consider what type of office (open space or individual offices) you’re moving into. Also look at how many people will work in the new digs and what you need to get up and running.

Set up all your services ahead of time. This includes the phone system, Internet, etc. You want to be ready to do business.  

Get Experienced Commercial NYC Movers

Whether you have 10, 25, or 1,000 employees, be sure your movers are experienced in business relocations in NYC. If you’re moving within the city or to another borough, the moving company should be able to handle all types of NYC moves of any scale. The movers should be familiar with parking regulations, elevator permits and office building restrictions. They need to also deal with tight spaces, multiple flight of stairs, and traffic congestion. You want a mover that lives and breathes the city and can make your move go smoothly. 

The business moving company you choose should:

  • Help you with the planning and implementation of your move. This avoids losses and downtime while maintaining a typical office work schedule. Choose a moving company that can move you to your new space quickly. This helps you minimize disruption to your business and employees, including remote workers who are wired into your network, phone system, etc.
  • Provide you with transparent, detailed pricing. When organizing an office move, you don’t want any hidden or unexpected costs. The moving company should provide costs based on moving your inventory, location details, and any additional services you require. Additional services may include packing up your office for you and assembling/dismantling of furniture. Moving certain equipment and business items you don’t need to a storage unit also costs extra.

Setting Up an Office Outside NYC

If you’re relocating your business outside of NYC or you’re establishing a satellite office, again work with an experienced moving company that offers transparent and guaranteed pricing. The business moving company should be familiar with all the ins and outs involved in moving you out of your New York City office space. Prepare the move head of time and book your move online as soon as possible to get the best possible rates. Weekday rates are better than weekends. 

Always choose a moving company that is licensed and insured. This applies to whether it’s a local or long-distance business move and whether you’re moving out of a high-rise, low-rise, warehouse or retail operation. 

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