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6 Tips for Timing a Corporate Relocation


Do you know the old adage “timing is everything”? It applies to everything and commercial moving is no exception. Choosing the right time for corporate moving can save your company a lot of money, and make it easier to get workers to assist in the process. But when is the best time for corporate moving? Here are 6 tips to help you with timing a corporate relocation to ensure a smooth and inexpensive move.

  1. Mid-week Moving

    Schedule your move for the middle of the week. Workers will be more willing to assist during the work week (and more likely to be disgruntled if their weekend is compromised). Moving mid-week also allows time to get settled in before the weekend while different service providers are available for last minute arrangements. Moving mid-week means you’ll be ready to get back to work the next Monday without any further delays.

  1. Mid-Month Moving

    Businesses tend to be busier during the beginning and end of the month. Your own staff may be overworked and find it hard to prepare for the move, and some of the service providers you will need may be busier and less flexible. Moving during the middle of the month instead of the end also means that you will avoid being charged premium rates by the service providers. Plan your company relocation to the middle of the month for a smoother move.

  1. Move During Business Hours

    Some buildings do not allow moving activity during business hours.  But for those fortunate enough to be able to do so can plan and execute a much easier and smoother transition. Not only will it be easier to get your workers’ cooperation, many buildings also charge extra fees for after hour moves. For example, if they need a freight elevator operator onsite during the move your company will be charged additionally.

  1. Summer Moving

    Most people move during the summer, with the high season lasting from May to September. Scheduling your office relocation during this time period can be challenging as many moving companies are booked and most people are on vacation or with their kids. If you can, schedule your corporate relocation for the off-season.

  1. Off-Season Moving

    Moving between October and April will probably be less expensive, with many moving companies offering reduced prices. They are also more available and flexible during the off-season, so you could get more for your money in terms of corporate moving services.

  1. Consider the Weather

    Snow, blizzards, and hurricanes can be a huge hindrance when it comes to moving. Wet boxes, skidding trucks and muddy footprints on brand new carpets are just some of the problems you could encounter if you have particularly bad weather on moving day. Depending on where your offices are located and where you are relocating to, try to find the safest time in terms of extreme weather likelihood.

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