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How Much Does a DIY Move Really Cost?

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Moving is not one of most people’s favorite things to do. On top of all of the work involved, it can seem expensive! Many people attempt to economize by taking the DIY moving route. But does it really pay to do it yourself, or could paying for a professional moving company be the most affordable option?

The real cost of renting a truck

Truck rental prices are high, especially if it is a long-distance move. Add fuel costs, mileage charges, insurance, tolls and hotel rooms along the route to the real costs of your move, and you’ll see that it isn’t the bargain you really think. Not to mention you’ll be driving that truck, and someone else will need to drive your other vehicle (or vehicles,) after several hours of heavy lifting and loading!

Wear and tear is real

Moving is not for the weak. It is serious work, and it can cause serious injury. Professional movers know how to lift without hurting themselves, and maneuver things the right way to lessen the damage to their bodies (and your belongings). If you tear an ACL or end up falling and breaking a bone, was it really worth it?

Running out of room

DIY movers often underestimate the amount of “stuff” they have to move and run out of space in the truck. When this happens, there are a couple of options available, but none of them are ideal. You can find an additional truck, shove everything in and hope nothing breaks, or give away or trash belongings that you really want to keep but have no space for.

Oops, sorry!

When you pack and move with the help of family and friends, and something is broken, what can you do? You certainly aren’t going to expect them to pay since they were helping you.

Forgotten about details

While you are busy packing and loading, no one is handling the important details like getting the utilities connected to your new place or getting final meter readings for your old home. Failing to get an accurate read on your meters can cost you a lot, as the new folks that move in likely will not hesitate to crank up the heat if someone else is footing the bill. Likewise, if there is no heat or electricity when you reach your destination, you’ll have to shell out more money for temporary lodging.

You can see that there are many considerations when planning a DIY move that you might be downplaying or overlooking. People can and do get hurt moving, things do get broken, and people do rent trucks that are too small. Do yourself a favor – compare movers and get professional help to make your move a smooth one.

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