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Millennials Guide to Denver

Millennials in Denver

Colorado sure has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years for its position as a progressive state. The Millennials have noticed, it seems, and are flocking to two of the Rocky Mountain State’s biggest cities: Denver and Colorado Springs. Denver, known as the Mile High City, seems to hold a lot of promise for the young and enterprising type. So here are some of the reasons you’ll find so many Millennials in Denver these days.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Let’s face it: Millennials are drawn to opportunity, as well they should be. Denver has a strong startup scene that has become a fertile ground for entrepreneurs to create a wide variety of innovative and creative businesses from scratch. Denver Startup Week is the largest free conference in the nation. It gives Denver newbies an opportunity to build connections with those who have been established in the area for a while. Happening every September, this event is a must-attend in the Millennial’s guide to Denver — even if you’re not currently an entrepreneur. You never know when the next best job opportunity is at the next keynote.

Speaking of: Denver’s tech scene is home to giants like Ciber and Envivo, and job opportunities in this sector are ripe for the tech-savvy Millennial to nab as they build or advance their careers. No wonder things in Denver are on the rise.

Innovative housing options

It’s no secret that the housing markets in metro areas like Denver are tough. They can also be pricey, even for those who land high-paying jobs at a young age. What’s a bootstrapping entrepreneur to do? Luckily there are a number of apartment communities with spacious floorplans and significant community space to give residents many of the benefits they’d get by owning without the price tag. Owning is, of course, an option. But home prices are 58% higher than the national average, so getting into a first home can be tricky… especially for those coming from areas with lower housing costs. 

Best neighborhoods in Denver for Millennials. If uptown living is your style, North Capitol Hill is just outside of Downtown proper and boasts a hipster vibe. There are plenty of vegan restaurants, a more liberal lean, and easy proximity to the heart of the city. Capitol Hill itself is the historic district with surprisingly low rent, quite a few night clubs, and a solid population of young professionals. For young families, look to The Highlands (literally) for a quieter lifestyle on the north bank of the South Platte River. The best places to live in Denver for Millennials will meet the needs of the individual. There’s a neighborhood here for every lifestyle.

Nature is so close. And so big

If the stories about Millennials are true (and we think they might be), they value having a balance between time spent at work and time spent outdoors and with friends. The Rocky Mountains beckon just outside of the city, with lots of outdoor activity within city limits on the 5,000+ acres of parks and parkways as well as the South Platte River. That perfect work-play balance is within reach if you move to Denver.

So Millennials, pack your bags — Denver is sounding like a pretty great place to move. Let Unpakt help you find a team of professional Denver movers to make the process easy and quick. Then you can hit the ground running! Time to start networking… with a healthy dose of playing outside!

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