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How To Pack Up a Garage for Moving

pack up a garage

Oh, how to pack the garage? The place where things go to get “out of sight, out of mind,” and the space that we dread packing. Take a deep breath and follow our step by step tips for the best ways to pack up your garage. You’ll find it’s not so terrifying after all.

Sort through and organize

This might be the most tedious step, but it’s critical in order to prepare for your move. Designate areas for what you’re keeping, what you’ll sell or get rid of, and what you’re keeping that can’t be packed for the movers to carry. It pays to be discerning when it comes to letting things go since transporting fewer items and boxes will result in a lower moving bill. And really, do you want to start with a crowded garage in your new home?

Have a garage sale for the stuff you don’t need anymore

Why not see if you can raise a little extra cash to pay for your move? Schedule a garage sale and advertise it on Craigslist to re-home whatever has been sitting idle in your garage. Whatever doesn’t sell can be donated, and the rest can be bagged up and hauled off with the trash before moving day.

Gather the necessary moving supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets or a dolly – what will you need to pack up the contents of your garage? Don’t assume that things that are in boxes are ready to go, particularly if they are fragile or have been sitting in the garage for a long time. Make sure the boxes are sturdy and well taped. The contents should be adequately padded.

Don’t pack anything on the non-allowable list

Your moving company will not move hazardous items, plants (including soil), corrosives, flammable substances, power equipment with fuel in the tank, or explosives. Your movers should provide you with a list of specifics for each of these categories. Wondering how to pack a lawn mower for transport? At least 24 hours before your move, drain it completely of fuel and then leave the fuel tank open to evaporate any remaining vapors.

Tips for packing awkward garage items

If you’re wondering how to pack shovels and rakes, wrap them with packing tape or twine with the handles all facing the same direction. If the shovels are somewhat sharp, cover them with some bubble wrap. Next, wrap the entire bundle in a moving blanket.

  • Whenever possible, pack power tools in their original boxes for the best protection possible. Remove any parts of the tool that are detachable to avoid damage.
  • Use your move as a reason to organize your toolbox, and then keep all of your small tools locked in it for transport. It will keep your tools from getting lost.
  • Stack, disassemble, or fold up your patio furniture whenever possible. Clean the cushions and pack them in boxes.
  • Disassemble bikes by removing handlebars and pedals, or have a bike shop pack them professionally for the best results.
  • These tips also apply when deciding how to pack a shed that may contain gardening or yard work tools!

Label everything clearly

You don’t want your box of golf clubs to end up in your bedroom, so be sure to label each box with its intended destination and designate FRAGILE things clearly!


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