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Hacking Packing: 10 Tips On Packing Efficiently and On a Budget


Moving day is fast approaching and all you can do as far as packing goes is break into a cold sweat whenever you think about it. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural. We’ve collected some great tips on simplifying the packing process while saving some bucks. Just keep calm and read on:

1. Overnight bag & clear plastic container

Make sure to pack whatever you need for moving day, night and morning after in a big and comfortable bag. Put all the other things you will need for the first few days in a clear plastic container so you don’t have to rummage through your boxes for your coffee maker or bathrobe.

2. A labeling system and color code

Label everything clearly, and use a color code system, assigning a color to each room. Pile each room’s contents in separate piles to make movers’ job easier and quicker. It doesn’t mean you’re anal retentive- it’s just easier this way!

3. DIY handles

To make your cardboard boxes easier to carry, use a box cutter to cut two holes in the sides of the box for easy lifting. If you were considering buying moving boxes, please think again. In this previous article, we covered how you can save some money and help the environment by collecting used cardboard boxes from office supplies stores, bookstores and so on.

4. Plastic wrap

Oh, the miracle of plastic! Use plastic wrap to seal your drawers, leaving them intact as you move them like crates.

5. Egg cartons

Egg cartons are a great way to pack jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets that might get tangled. Don’t forget to tape them shut so nothing can fall out.

6. Sandwich bags

Oh, the miracle of plastic #2! Keep a box of sandwich bags handy as you dismantle your furniture and use them to store little fixtures like screws and bolts. Don’t forget to label the bag!

7. Garbage bags

Oh, the miracle of plastic #3! The easiest way to pack the clothes hanging in your wardrobe is to place them in a big garbage bag. Without removing them from the hanging rod, put the bag under the clothes and pull it up, then remove the hangers from the rid and let them drop into the bag. Wardrobe? Check!

8. Orderly electronics

Before unplugging your computer, TV and/or sound system, snap a picture of the wiring to save time when setting it back up in your new home. Roll up your cables and use a small piece of tape to make sure they stay rolled, avoiding the dreaded cable-spaghetti situation.

9. Clothes as padding

Use your clothes to pad delicate or breakable objects and save on bubble wrap. Socks are especially fitting for glasses and stemware.

10. Packing plates

After wrapping a shirt or towel around each plate, place them in the box vertically, as if you were packing records. They are much less likely to break when packed in this manner.

We would love to hear your own tips and tricks for packing on a budget. Care to share them in the comments?

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