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How to Move a Messy Room

Move a Messy Room

Many of us have that room in the house — the one that becomes the receptacle for odds and ends, boxes that you don’t want to deal with just yet, even broken electronics that you’ll fix “someday”. So how do you even begin to move a messy room when it’s time to relocate? The task can seem beyond daunting, so we’ve broken down some simple steps to get you started. What to do with all those lonely socks, though? We’ll let you decide.

Do a once-over for items that don’t belong

Sometimes cutlery or dishes, clothing, toys, and other miscellaneous items find their way into the mess where they don’t belong. Starting at the door of the room, make a sweep along the walls to locate any items that can quickly be re-homed to an appropriate room for easier packing. Put everything in a basket or box to be taken out of the room and sorted later. Similarly, keep a trash bag handy for quick disposal of anything that is clearly trash. Be sure to check under furniture, in cupboards and closets — everywhere.

Start sorting

Create piles of things that belong together: clothing, books, shoes, electronics, toys, pet stuff, you get the idea. While you’re at it, you will likely need to create a few additional piles: donate, sell, and “maybe?”. This is where you start to let go of items and belongings that have been hidden away from the mess and probably wouldn’t be missed if they were tossed. After all, if you haven’t missed it in a few years, is it really that important to you? Hint: don’t embark on this task with someone who has a tendency towards hanging onto everything for its sentimental value! That mindset isn’t very helpful as you declutter before you move.

Tackle each pile

This part is straightforward: clothing? Probably send it to the laundry room. Electronics can get packed away into a properly labeled box for moving, or brought to another room where other electronic items are being organized and packed. Properly labeled moving boxes can be filled or added to as you pack — and trust us, you’ll be happy you put in a little bit of extra time to sort now. Nobody really wants to declutter after you move. Consider where in your new home each box will go and you’ll start life in your new home with less clutter and more space.

Use a moving app to help you stay organized

Apps like Sortly or Snap N Pack let you take photo inventories of everything you’re packing and then print QR codes with each label. Then? As you go to unpack each box, you’ll have a complete inventory of what it contains by just scanning the label with the app. Easily decide where each box needs to go and prioritize your unpacking based on what you need first!

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