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For Moving Vendors: How to Keep Busy During Winter

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The winter is a slow season for moving companies — but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting back and watching business completely drop. Here are some creative ways that you can use this time productively with the resources you already have at your disposal.

Offering Discounts

Offer Specials

Discounts and special offers will get people thinking about moving at a time where they may not have considered it otherwise. Xpress Movers LLC, an Unpakt mover in Boston, offered this deal last winter:

You might also consider offering a free month (or two!) of storage for booking a move, or free pickup/drop-off for those who rent a storage unit. Fill your trucks early by offering a discount for customers who book by a certain date or customers who are moving on a slow day. Give a discount if they donate canned goods, gently used coats or other gifts toward a charity of your choice.

Delivering Boxes?

Swoop in like a superhero with free delivery of boxes for packing. Save your customers a trip and their sanity as they try to move during the winter! Offering a free starter kit or discount on boxes and packing supplies purchases can go a long way.

Relationship with the Community

Build Your Relationship with the Community

You have trucks and employees, so why not put them to good use? Offer free pickup/delivery for people who are donating furniture to local churches, non-profits, or donation centers. Be sure to make arrangements first with the centers so you’re aware of who will accept what type of donations, and during what hours.

Relationship with the Community

For example, Rabbit Movers, an Unpakt mover in NYC partnered with a local non-profit called City Harvest to sponsor a film and collect food donations, which is an excellent use of staff and trucks to build community.
FlatRate Moving®, another Unpakt NYC moving company, supported New York Cares with their winter coat drive, picking up and transporting the donated coats in their vans:

Coat Drive

By sponsoring and/or participating in a local charity event, you can put your resources to good work in the community… all while getting your name out there.

Get Creative With Your Services

Your company has trucks and labor, so how else can you use them? Consider offering slightly altered service packages for smaller moves like Craigslist purchases or smaller apartments that might not otherwise book a mover.  You could partner with an antiques or furniture store, for example, to offer deliveries of their products. You might also be able to use your moving expertise for some unusual one-time projects.

Regardless of how your trucks are being used, keep them out and moving around. People remember the names that they’ve seen on moving trucks when it comes time to move, and that name recognition may come in handy when spring comes. While you’re at it, consider offering a rebate for customers who book and submit a review during the winter months. We all know that potential customers value hearing about the experiences of others, so gather as many reviews as you can as you promote your services.

Join an Online Marketplace

Create a profile on Unpakt. When you list on Unpakt, we’re actively marketing your company 24/7 through our instant quote service. We’ll funnel booked customers your way, not just leads looking for quotes who may or may not become clients. That means less work on your end to get paying customers, all while you focus on finding creative ways to use your moving trucks as a mobile dance hall.

Though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that.

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