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For Moving Vendors: Tips for Building Your Online Presence with Popular Review Sites

Building Your Online Presence with Popular Review Sites

The internet has completely changed how we do business – we all know that by now. Potential customers no longer scour the Yellow Pages but instead turn to the search box on their computer to locate the services they need. This means that your online presence, and your attention to it, are a make-or-break element of your marketing efforts. Potential customers tend to select moving companies with a strong online presence, and who can blame them? It’s time that you took the reins and optimized your reviews, so here are our top tips for building your online presence through popular review sites!

Yelp and Google+

These two sites are the most common places for customers to seek and leave reviews as they shop for a reputable moving company. Think you can get away without a profile on these sites? Think again. Yelp and Google+ automatically create profiles with publicly available information. This means customers can still leave reviews, even if the profile is “unclaimed.”

So, step one? Make sure to officially claim your profile on these sites. It’s a simple process but does require a phone call to verify the business phone number and address.

Populate your profile

Once you have verified your page, upload photos relevant to your particular expertise, edit your business contact information and description and make sure the profile links properly to your website. When customers find your profile, they want to see evidence that you are a professional business that pays attention to its online presence.

Ask for reviews

Ask for reviews, then pay attention to them

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Yelp and Google+ pages after using your services. This is one way to ensure that legitimate customers are reviewing your business and that your page accurately represents your quality work! You do need to regularly keep an eye on your reviews to make sure that any fake reviews are reported and removed immediately. The public can’t necessarily tell which reviews are authentic, and a false negative review that sits for too long can have an impact.

Respond to your reviews politely and professionally, thanking customers who leave positive feedback while offering to assist anyone who has a complaint by contacting them directly. Customers are more likely to respect companies that have a lot of reviews as well as companies that respond professionally to the reviews that customers have provided.

Join Unpakt

If you’re a qualified moving company, Unpakt will work with you to sell your services online. Your business won’t just have a profile on the site – you’ll have an automated salesperson working for you 24/7.

Unpakt does its own marketing, boosting your online presence for you while you focus on doing what you do best: giving customers a high-quality moving experience.

What’s more, reviews left on Unpakt are only from verified customers who have used your services, eliminating fake reviewers or spam. Since Google views Unpakt as an authority on moving, your business will get an SEO boost and a link directly to your website, bringing up your own ranking on Google searches.

Follow these tips to make a huge impact on your online presence with minimal effort. Want to talk about it more? Contact Unpakt today.

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