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Home Study Space Essentials that Help You Stay Focused

Home Study Space

Whether you have kids bringing home piles of homework, or you’re back in school yourself, studying and taking in information requires a bit of finesse to your surrounding environment. By creating the perfect home study space, you’ll be able to focus without hiding in a corner or a study space near you, like, say, the busy neighborhood coffee shop.

Claim Your Space

To create study space at home, first, find the place that suits you best – and no, it’s not the bed. Working or studying from bed prompts the mind into a state of alertness while in that space, and the habit sticks even when the books are away. Counter-productive, isn’t it? 

Rather than disrupting your sleep, find a place to keep a proper desk and chair. Preferably somewhere away from your bed, and consider how space may be affected by things such as noise and smells. Ergonomics are an important one to consider, as well. It might feel more comfortable when you’re slouched, but an appropriately-matched desk and table ensure good alignment of the spine and body. If you’re not prepared to shell out for new furniture, there are options for renting quality pieces to ensure you feel good while being budget-friendly.

Visual Harmony

Once you have your desk space set, make sure your space is visually set to support your focus and productivity. It may go without saying, but try to keep your space to a minimalist vibe. Keep only the essentials on your desk and clutter stored away (or better yet, not kept at all). Stash your extra books, papers, pens, and other items in a drawer or out of sight to give your eyes and mind a bit of a rest.

Color also plays a part in our ability to focus and even has an impact on energy levels. Red is stimulating. Blue is said to promote communication and creativity. Green is great for problem-solving. Find a color that suits you and your needs, and keep it around to support you on your study path.

Light Your Way

Is there natural light available? Do you prefer to depend on the sun through the window, or artificial light to illuminate your space? Even with natural light, you’ll still need to decide on a backup plan in the times that you’re studying when it’s cloudy or dark. Consider carefully whether you like warm or cool-toned lighting, and at what angle is best. Would a floor lamp near your desk, or a more focused desk lamp be more appropriate?

Creature Comforts

Everyone is different when it comes to the “little extras” in study spaces. Do you enjoy music, or prefer absolute quiet? If you like the option of some smooth tunes or white noise, get a small speaker to support your study style. Do you know you need a breeze, or a calming or energizing scent to contribute to your space? Have a fan handy, and a spray or aromatic device. Do your feet get cold after sitting for a while? Do you often like to get up and grab a glass of water? Keep some socks in the drawer, and a big bottle of water handy. That will help you resist the urge to stand up and walk away from the task at hand.

The design of your space can have a big effect on your mood and your focus. Make sure you put some time into creating the space that’s right for you!

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