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Color Rules for Small Spaces

Small Spaces

A bare apartment isn’t going to give your place a bigger feel, although many may think so. Less furniture and white walls don’t actually make an apartment feel larger. However, you can make your place feel larger by choosing sharp colors as opposed to dull ones. Bright reds and catchy blues will liven up the place and make it feel more vibrant. Bring color to more than just your walls, but also to the trim, ceiling and even furniture. Like an accent wall, you may want to bring in a piece of colored furniture to accent the rest of the wooden furniture in the room. You can tie it in with the color scheme you choose for that room. Bring in a colored bookshelf to really spice up the place.  Don’t be afraid to go for color, don’t settle for the bare.

However, you do want to stay simple in a small room. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, paint the walls one color, the ceilings another. Avoid complicated and busy patterns, like in certain wallpapers. Another trick is to keep your darkest colors closest to the bottom. For instance, don’t paint your ceiling the darkest color in the room. Rooms with walls that are darker than the floors can tend to seem sort of bottomless.

It’s also not wrong to embrace the smallness of the room and make it feel cozy and intimate. Dark colors, although may make the space seem a tad smaller, can actually make the room feel comfortable, which is perfect for a living area. Embrace the coziness of the small space instead of trying every which way to enlarge it.

This article was contributed by PaintZen, New York City’s go-to service for stress-free painting.

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